The Kernel 50

Technology is touching every aspect of our lives: communication, relationships, sex, money and power. The Kernel aims to document this exciting revolution but also to connect and introduce some of the people driving it.


The Kernel 50 is a by-invitation membership organisation of up to fifty trailblazing individuals in European – initially, mostly British – technology, media, design, politics and entertainment: leaders in their fields who come together to share ideas and enjoy each others’ company at events designed to introduce interesting people to one another.

This isn’t an “influence” list, nor is it ranked in any particular order. Names are given below alphabetically. It’s rather a coalition of people The Kernel thinks are leading the way in entrepreneurship and ideas but who are also, just as crucially, fun to be around.

Building this network enables The Kernel to better serve our readers by building strong and excellent relationships with the people behind the headlines.

Admittance to the Kernel 50 is by invitation only. Members are selected by The Kernel’s editorial board, our network of partners, friends and advisors and by existing members of the group. The Kernel 50′s membership is regularly reviewed and we perform a refresh of members approximately every six months.

We are currently accepting new members for consideration.


At each of the Kernel 50 events, themselves limited to fifty attendees, a mixture of the Kernel 50 and specially invited guests will enjoy talks from the most impressive and inspirational people we can lay our hands on.

Our first event will be held in June 2012, and we’ve already secured a very, very special guest to speak about his experiences as an artist, producer and television personality. More on that soon.

The Kernel 50

  1. Amber Atherton, founder, MY FLASH TRASH
  2. Colette Ballou, founder, Ballou PR
  3. Oli Barrett, co-founder, Co-Sponsorship Agency
  4. Nick Bell, Director of Digital Products, News International
  5. Tom Boardman, co-founder, Firebox
  6. Paul Birch, angel investor
  7. Eileen Burbidge, partner, Passion Capital
  8. Conor Burns, MP for Bournemouth West
  9. Harry Briggs, principal, Balderton Capital
  10. Fleur Britten, senior commissioning editor, Sunday Times Style
  11. Paul Carr, editor-in-chief, Not Safe For Work Corporation
  12. Judith Clegg, director, TakeOut
  13. Joe Cohen, founder, Seatwave
  14. Alyssa Crankshaw, vice president of communications, Yazino
  15. Samuel Coates, political and digital strategist
  16. Sherry Coutu, advisory board, LinkedIn
  17. Matt Cynamon, producer, General Assembly
  18. Fred Destin, partner, Atlas Venture
  19. Ilana Fox, novelist
  20. Emi Gal, founder, Brainient
  21. Nick Halstead, founder, Datasift
  22. Alex Hoye, chief executive, Latitude
  23. Nick Holzherr, founder, Whisk and 2012 Apprentice candidate
  24. Tom Hulme, design director, IDEO
  25. Bindi Karia, VC/emerging business lead, Microsoft
  26. Jamie Klingler, publishing manager, ShortList
  27. Christina Lundberg, PR manager, iZettle
  28. Robert Loch, founder, YesAndClub
  29. Joshua March, co-founder, Conversocial
  30. Greg Marsh, founder, onefinestay
  31. Andy McLoughlin, co-founder, Huddle
  32. Richard Moross, founder, MOO
  33. Max Niederhofer, vice president, Accel Partners
  34. Ted Nash, Venevi Enterprises
  35. Kathryn Parsons, director, DECODED
  36. Steve Pankhurst, founder, Friends Reunited
  37. Federico Pirzio-Biroli, angel investor
  38. Simon Prockter, founder, Housebites
  39. Bretton Putter, senior partner, Forsyth Group
  40. Shed Simove, founder, The Ideas Man
  41. Malcolm Scovil, founder, LeapCR
  42. Tiffany St. James, director, Stimulation Ltd.
  43. Reshma Sohoni, partner, Seedcamp
  44. Michael Acton Smith, founder, Mind Candy
  45. Damien Tanner, co-founder, Pusher
  46. Nik Thakkar, founder, Nephew London
  47. Jason Trost, founder, Smarkets
  48. Eze Vidra, head of Google Campus London
  49. Ella Weston, director of Stream, WPP
  50. Wendy Tan White, co-founder, Moonfruit


Members of The Kernel 50 who join The Kernel’s advisory board, who become investors in the company or who excuse themselves to make way for new members in one of our biannual reviews we call alumni. They are granted the same rights, privileges and invitations as current members of the 50.

  1. Sam Barnett, founder, Struq
  2. David Langer, founder, Hasty
  3. Alicia Navarro, co-founder, Skimlinks

The Kernel 50