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The Nutshell is a weekly email bulletin of rumours, speculation, insight and intelligence about the European technology scene, from the writers of The Kernel. It’s only available as part of a Kernel membership, which costs just £5.50 a month. So give it a try and be the first in the know.


Oh No She Didn't!


“Quixotic in its pursuit of controversy, with the piercing wisdom of the child that doesn’t have the sense not to call out the Emperor, the Nutshell keeps our too often self-aggrandising community aware that it is in the gutter, even as we reach for the stars. Typically unchained from inbox anxiety, I find the unstoppable urge to drop whatever I am doing when the Nutshell hits my inbox to cringe, giggle, and – yes – even learn a little something in each quick read.”
- Alex Hoye, CEO, Latitude

“Friday reading reinvented.”
- Sam Barnett, CEO, Struq

“There are many places you can go to for news about the tech scene. But The Nutshell is the only place where you can be both challenged as well as amused, scandalized as well as educated, caught up-to-date as well as given material to linger over. Unmissable.”
- Alicia Navarro, CEO, Skimlinks

“The only email newsletter I actually read.”
- Joshua March, CEO, Conversocial 

“Once upon a time, my guilty pleasure read. Now it’s my must-read Friday email. An insightful, funny, biting, provocative, intelligent weekly bulletin on the European technology scene.”
- Bindi Karia, VC/Emerging Business Lead, Microsoft

“An insightful, informative and thoroughly interesting read. One of the few publications that truly understands the tech scene.”
- Nick Thain, CEO, SportsNewMedia

“For all the tech bombshells.”
- Peter Ward, CEO,

“Thanks to the Nutshell nobody tries to punch me on the nose any more.”
- Andy McLoughlin, SVP Strategy, Huddle

“Helps with dating.”
- Sam Mathews, CEO, Neverbland