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Democracy 3

By Ned Donovan

I have been elected on a landslide to become Prime Minister of Australia. Before me sits a mountain of problems including debt, pollution and an uncompetitive economy. Australia hasn’t had a nightmare and elected me as their Prime Minister; instead I’m playing Democracy 3, a recently released game by Positech.


In Democracy 3 you control the government of either the UK, the USA, France, Germany, Canada or Australia. You have to manage the budget, new policies, your cabinet and terrorism threats. Everything hangs on a balance as you attempt to please certain groups of society. In Australia I angered the environmentalists by abolishing the carbon tax, and had already increased my deficit hugely. The game shows how hard it is to actually run a country, luckily you never meet the people you govern, only balance sheets and pie charts.

Democracy 3 by Positech. £18.99 from Steam or Direct Download.


The fact that this is the third instalment of the Positech series shows how successful these games are. The game ensures you aren’t free to do anything, you are governed by political capital, which is your currency to change taxes or create new policies, and is generated according to how loyal your cabinet is. This is when the game began to annoy me, as no matter what I did, my cabinet was angry and inhibited my ability to actually govern Australia. Then there’s the small problem of assassinations. When you annoy a group of people too much, you begin to receive death threats.


Democracy 3 has the capability to be hugely fun, but it is not for the casual gamer at all. There are too many variables within the game which make it too daunting. I found it great fun, but I am familiar with the series. To any stranger, the UI can be scary. While you can try and enact your governmental fantasy in the game, whether it’s legalising drug use or pretending to be Claire Perry and censoring the Internet, the public are not idiots. Every 3 – 5 years you have an election, and if your country is in a recession and you as Prime Minister decide to instigate a space program like I did in Australia, you will lose.

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