Support The Kernel

We have been taken aback by the public response to The Kernel. Your kind words and support are incredibly welcome and encouraging to us, and we look forward to doing you proud over the coming years with what we hope will become a signature blend of informative and entertaining comment and analysis about technology, media and business.

But some readers have really surprised us and gone further, asking if they can offer financial support too. The truth is, quality journalism costs money. And although the administrative and technical costs of the website are being covered by the founders and our initial investors, we don’t yet have the sort of income we’d like to reward our writers for their work.

We’re an independent online magazine, and we’re keen to stay that way. So we have decided to put in place a formal process for individuals and companies that want to support The Kernel directly, rather than through advertising or sponsorship on the site. And, of course, to recognize these invaluable contributions.

Supporting The Kernel’s writers will enable us to expand the magazine more quickly and to bolster our long-form, investigative, and multimedia content offerings. Every penny received via our new Kernel Patrons scheme will go directly into the magazine’s editorial budget, and Patrons will be recognised on the site and, in some cases, on individual articles.

If you’d like to discuss the options with one of our editorial team, please drop us a note. We thank you, most sincerely, for your continued support, in whatever form it may take.

— The Editors