I didn’t wash my jeans for 7 months—and it’s the Internet’s fault

February 13th, 2014

It’s fair to say that Jeremy Wilson has an unhealthy relationship with his trousers—but he’s not alone – there’s an online community dedicated to freeing the world from washed denim.

The hipsterist hipster blogs

January 30th, 2014

Once confined to the shabby chic parts of major cities, hipsters have expanded their reach using the internet. Jeremy Wilson searched high and low to find the best hipster blogs around.

Baijiu: the Chinese bribery booze

January 28th, 2014

At 120 proof, baiju is China’s most effective national drink. Expensive and used for everything from family gatherings to business meetings, we decided to take a closer look at what makes the spirit so popular.

U is for Unidan

January 24th, 2014

Meet Ben Eisenkop, a nitrogen biogeochemist and an internet megastar – known throughout the web as reddit user “unidan”.

The best cars for fat people: a definitive guide

January 24th, 2014

As people get larger, cars must adapt – it’s not a just a question of comfort, but of safety as well. Jeremy Wilson searched for the cars that best fit the larger frame.

The secret Nazi propaganda hidden in Justin Bieber

January 22nd, 2014

Jeremy Wilson discovers a gigantic, paranoid ecosystem of online conspiracy theorists, some of whom believe that modern music is infused with subliminal Third Reich propaganda. No, really.

Your business card is CRAP!

January 22nd, 2014

How to master the art of the business card.

How fake viral photos manipulate your emotions

January 21st, 2014

Fake photographs have been around as long as the internet – but are we becoming more susceptible to them? Jeremy Wilson looks at a few of the images that have been manipulating our emotions lately.

T is for Trolls

January 17th, 2014

Trolling can be as diverse as the internet itself – from the people who do the trolling and what they do to get a reaction. Best not to feed them.

Snapchatting Rand Paul

January 16th, 2014

Rand Paul has just joined Snapchat, an app once used by teenagers for sexting. Jeremy Wilson sent him a few, just to see if it was working.

The tragic tale of Kim Dotcom’s “party party”

January 16th, 2014

Thousands of people signed up for Kim Dotcom’s “Party Party”, celebrating his birthday, album launch and political career. It’s just been cancelled.

The internet’s sickest forums

January 15th, 2014

Forums can be great to chat to likeminded people, but some are just sick. Jeremy Wilson compiles some of the most vile internet forums around.

Is the US military seeding fake videos on reddit?

January 14th, 2014

The reunion of American servicemen with their families are some of the most popular viral videos on the internet, but who’s responsible for them?

Is it OK to laugh at Hitler now?

January 13th, 2014

Mein Kampf is sailing to the top of the e-book charts. Jeremy Wilson on how the Nazis are becoming fair game again – and why that might be dangerous.

Dennis Rodman through history

January 10th, 2014

What would have happened if Dennis Rodman had used his basketball diplomacy in countries other than North Korea? Jeremy Wilson takes the former NBA star on a journey through history.

Inside London’s pay-per-minute hipster café

January 9th, 2014

Russian “anti-café” chain Ziferblat has opened in London. We sent Jeremy Wilson to explore the new pay-per-minute hipster coffee sensation.

Whoring out the homeless for hits

January 8th, 2014

Helping out the homeless is a near-guaranteed route to YouTube fame. Jeremy Wilson looks into the charitable show-offs taking advantage of the homeless.

The YouTube masochists

January 7th, 2014

A generation of young men with a penchant for danger are posting videos of their antics on YouTube. We take a look at some of the more extreme stunts.

R is for Reddit

January 3rd, 2014

Reddit is home to some truly amazing communities, as well as photos of dead children and hardcore porn. Jeremy Wilson brings you up to speed on the front page of the internet.

The Pappy Van Winkle Whiskey Mystery

January 3rd, 2014

In a daring inside job, 222 bottles of legendary Pappy Van Winkle bourbon were stolen from a distillery in Kentucky. With the crime remaining unsolved, the finger of blame is now pointing at obsessive billionaires, local residents and celebrity chefs.

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