eBay to bleach undies after Kernel exposé

October 15th, 2013

eBay has removed the gay porn and gay hook-up listings we reported on today and vowed to tighten its controls on policy-dodgers, pornographers and prostitutes.

On the side of the angels

October 11th, 2013

Online booksellers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble need to face up to their moral responsibilities and begin filtering the content they sell properly. It’s clear that whatever systems they have in place so far are simply not working.

What’s wrong with penis beakers?

October 9th, 2013

Milo Yiannopoulos is amused but saddened by the latest viral Mumsnet thread.

Why is everyone suddenly gay?

October 3rd, 2013

One in a hundred British people say they’re gay, we learned today. That figure rises to 1 in 50 among the young – a much lower estimate than the ones the charities claim. But doesn’t that still seem high?

Who cares about the Silk Road?

October 3rd, 2013

A tiny website that traded a trifling amount of narcotics has been shut down. So what, asks Milo Yiannopoulos.

Geldof in space? Don’t be a tease!

October 1st, 2013

Milo Yiannopoulos wonders if Bob Geldof deserves better than a quick spin 64 miles above ground level.

Power Trip

October 1st, 2013

Milo Yiannopoulos reviews Damian McBride’s explosive memoirs about the years he spent serving under a Labour government.


September 26th, 2013

Everything you ever dreamed it would be.

O2’s consumer friendly iPhone connection tips

September 24th, 2013

And they wonder why people want call centres moved back to the UK.

Social media’s gloating killers

September 23rd, 2013

Social media isn’t all airport lounge check-ins and photos of luscious foreign climes: murders, rapists and terrorists are using Twitter and Facebook to ‘show off’ too.

Is ‘Shadow’ the most sinister startup ever?

September 19th, 2013

A New York-based internet start-up wants to take information about your dreams and share it with the world. Thanks but no thanks, says Milo Yiannopoulos.

Yes, this might be just what we need

September 18th, 2013

Former Tech City exec Ben Southworth wants to open a free school to teach entrepreneurship and technology skills. Milo Yiannopoulos thinks it’s a great idea – with a few small caveats.

Am I too old for video games?

September 17th, 2013

Milo Yiannopoulos finds the rise of video games baffling.


September 11th, 2013

Milo Yiannopoulos reviews Laurie Penny’s Cybersexism.

Ghetto Tracker

September 9th, 2013

Milo Yiannopoulos reviews Ghetto Tracker.

When twerking goes wrong

September 6th, 2013

Careful as you twerk.
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Yahoo!’s new logo: ask the experts

September 5th, 2013

Professional designers give their opinion on the new Yahoo! corporate branding.

Yahoo!’s new logo

September 5th, 2013

Milo Yiannopoulos reviews Yahoo!’s new corporate branding.


September 3rd, 2013

Gaydar, for a long time the pre-eminent gay hook-up service, survived for years despite an …

Why I’ll never wear a ‘smart watch’

September 3rd, 2013

Wearable computing sounds fun until you consider what it will actually be like having a Twitter app strapped to your body, writes Milo Yiannopoulos.

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