Happy birthday to me

By Jeremy Wilson on January 22nd, 2013

In October last year, The Nutshell extrapolated from women-only social network Luluvise’s plummeting user numbers the day of the site’s ultimate demise. The date was January 19, 2013; my birthday. Otherwise known as the Saturday just gone.

As someone who is usually an Eeyore around anniversaries, I was somewhat buoyed by this welcome forecast. Yes, I might be spending another birthday alone, mainlining calories. But I’d be doing it in the happy knowledge that a scourge on humanity had finally shuffled off into the sunset.

Alas, it has not come to pass.

The promised media tycoon millions never materialized for Luluvise, but we understand someone was convinced to squander their money on Lulu’s IV drip and a funding round did happen last year – though it went strangely unannounced.

So the network gets to stumble on for another sad, anachronistic, patronising and offensive year. With, at last count, 300 active users a month.

Many happy returns.