Merry Christmas to all

By The Kernel on December 23rd, 2011

The first thing to say is that we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response to our arrival. Thank you for your kind tweets, emails, calls and comments. It looks like we were right: there is enormous demand for this sort of content in the technology industry. We look forward to doing our best to meet the high expectations you’ve formed.

A few promises, to that end. You’ll never find gimmicks designed to manipulate traffic statistics at The Kernel. There will be no search engine optimised headlines. No ridiculous twenty-part galleries. No annoying multi-page articles. No obtrusive advertising. Just beautiful, long-form content, stimulating ideas, entertaining features and intelligent, well-edited prose throughout.

In short, you can expect great journalism, executed carefully and with rigorous, traditional processes. We’re not aloof outsiders peering into the world of technology from expensive offices. We’re writers, entrepreneurs and obsessives who live and work alongside you and whose job it is to inform you of what’s going on elsewhere in technology and explain the implications of the incredible products our industry is creating to the world outside.

Many of our guest contributors are the very entrepreneurs creating the products they’re talking about. We think that’s great, and we’ll lay our hands on as many of them as we can.

Some of our content is for insiders, and won’t make much sense to anyone who doesn’t know what a term sheet is, or who has never heard of Accel Partners. Some of it has general appeal, and could appear in any quality mainstream newspaper or magazine. But all of it is made with care and expertise. Because that’s what we love, and what we think the technology industry evidently deserves but urgently lacks.

And we believe our readers are responding with their browsers to that philosophy already. traffic statistics
Monday 19 December – Thursday 22 December

  • 52,840 pageviews
  • 28,991 visits
  • 1,562 email bulletin subscribers
  • 1,031 Twitter followers

Not bad for the first four days of a site soft-launched in late December, with no press coverage.

Once again, we’re grateful to the many readers who have contacted us since we turned the site on. You’ve been forthright about what you liked and what you didn’t. We’ve listened, and we’re making a few changes based on your feedback.

Early next year, we’ll announce our final roster of launch columnists, contributors and staff writers. Inevitably, there will be a party of some kind. We hope you’ll be able to join us to celebrate.

Coverage will be very light through the festive season, but we look forward to inspiring, entertaining and, yes, occasionally infuriating you again in January.

As always, if you feel like writing something yourself, you need only get in touch. We don’t care who you are; only that you have something interesting to say.

Have a wonderful Christmas.