Talk about a circle-jerk!

By James Cook on September 9th, 2013

The expression “Silicon Valley circle-jerk” reached its terrifyingly literal apotheosis yesterday, when an entrepreneur took to the stage at TechCrunch’s Disrupt conference and proceeded to fake-wank with his iPhone. Don’t ask me why.

Even worse, two twits from Down Under demoed an app called “Tit Stare” (two words: we checked the Facebook page), whose only function is to share pictures of men looking at women’s breasts. To what depths the internet industry has at last sunk.

And how utterly humiliating for TechCrunch, whose utter lack of quality control has been exposed in the most public manner so far seen. Were these real pitches? Jokes? Something in between? No one seems to know. Or care, frankly.

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 00.54.32

LinkedIn profiles were deleted, hasty Twitter apologies were posted, and a bizarre apology-lite appeared on TechCrunch blaming a failure to properly screen the hackathon projects. (Presumably naming an app “Tit Stare” was insufficient warning for TechCrunch’s crack team of savvy reporters.)

Let’s not forget that both Circle Shake and Tit Stare were pitched immediately before a nine-year-old girl took to the stage to share her project SuperFunKidTime. Neither was cut off or had their mic muted once the nature of their presentations became clear.

Anyway, well. This is it. The start-up bubble has finally burst, squirting a miasma of misogyny and pointless schoolboy humour far and wide across YouTube and the world.

Let’s all go and work in insurance and forget that the internet ever happened?