Company launches new(ish) phone

By Enda Crowley on September 11th, 2013

Another year, another event in Cupertino and another new iPhone. Most importantly, another year of leaks leading up to the event meant that I didn’t have to follow the insane amounts of inane drivel shat out the orifices of live-bloggers who really should be spending more time in the real world than cracking one out over coloured plastic phone covers.

Apple CEO and supply-chain-logistics “wizard” Tim Cook can wax lyrical about cracking down on leaks as much as he likes, but unless he wants to move the manufacturing process in-house, which would surely impact on those lovely margins he’s so famous for building up, then he’ll have to get used to his under-paid labourers in China and Taiwan employed to assemble these devices selling parts to bloggers.

Bloggers like Sonny Dickson have been profiting from this for quite some time. Dickson will often pay upwards of $500 to factory line workers for unreleased Apple goodies – far more than these workers could ever hope to make merely assembling iPhones.

I’m not convinced the leaks are why I didn’t care this time around though. I think Apple have more than proven they aren’t going to crumble without Steve Jobs, I just wish they’d actually do something other than iterating on their current products. One almost hopes for the rumoured “iTV” to appear or for the even more ridiculous “iWatch”, just so we could have something to be excited about for once.

“When something feels familiar and yet it’s new at the same time.”

That was Jony Ive’s summary of the iPhone 5C. Couldn’t have said it better myself.