The 10 best celebrity first tweets

By Nimrod Kamer on October 31st, 2013

The following celebs and débucunts had the awkest first tweets ever formulated. I recommend readers to fav these tweets, ad-lib+ad-hoc, and imagine how creepy it is when someone favs your faeces from 5 years ago. Poop from the past.

Mostly celebs would be aloof about their primal tweets, however, a few egomaniacs mentioned below decided to mess with history and delete their disgraceful first ever tweets. I’ve found them nonetheless.

1. Mia Farrow. 5:18 PM – 19 Apr 2009

Mia, why did you stay on Twitter past these 3 weeks?

2. Miley Ray Cyrus. 1:33 AM – 30 Mar 2011


  Not fair that Miley’s current profile pic is attached to her old devout tweets.

3. Guido Fawkes. 9:05 AM – 25 Feb 2008


‘Twittering’, ‘Twitterfeed’, ‘Hyphenation’.

4. Mehdi Hasan. 6:15 PM – 7 Apr 2010



The general election has inspired me to unfollow Mehdi.

5. Sir Alex Ferguson. 8:00 AM – 25 Mar 2010

Wish I’d been an Alex lad.

6. Gawker. 7:48 PM – 17 Sep 2007


  Could’ve started with something a bit more hilarious than Sally Effing Field.

7. Lily Allen. 1:32 PM – 30 Jan 09


Classic premonogamous Lily.

8. Alain de Botton. (Approx.) 4:50 PM – 28 Oct 2009



His real first tweet was deleted sometime between now and October 2009. Here it is, still lame:


9. Fred Macpherson. 11:19 AM – 25 Mar 2009


Fred is the only unverified person on this list. Google him.

10. Fatima Bhutto. (Approx.) 5:22 PM – 22 Oct 09

Her first tweet was deleted. Here it is –


Fatima then carried on to date George Clooney and to despise her niece Benazir Bhutto. Benazir herself never tweeted.

* Users mentioned above can make this story partly obsolete by deleting their first tweets right now. ALERT