Taking up the mantle

By Milo Yiannopoulos on October 30th, 2013

I’ll confess to being flattered by my old friend Robin Wauters’ choice in writers for his new tech blogging venture, tech.eu. Because they are, with one exception, all former editors and contributors from the first iteration of The Kernel, which readers will recall used to be more of a trade mag, focused on European start-ups.

In fact, the line-up is practically identical, down to original Kernel co-founder and all-around good guy Adrian McShane, who was on my founding team after leaving the Telegraph.

I am intrigued as to whether this adventure intends to be a serious business or more of a group blog. But I reckon Robin’s got a few tricks up his sleeve I didn’t have when I first assembled that band of mischief-makers with the mission of fixing European technology journalism. And I’m sure he, unlike me, will be wise enough to get a CEO in from day one.

Robin will be a brilliant editor, and it’s a wonder he didn’t think to do this sooner. After the grim massacre at The Next Web, and given the consistently appalling quality of what TechCrunch puts out in Europe, perhaps Robin will succeed where I failed.

Certainly the timing is right. Execrable hyper-local efforts like Tech City News and Venture Village tend to leave people sniggering and perhaps even less well informed than they were prior to reading.

If I can be forward enough to offer some advice: I hope R. will leave behind the appalling practices of The Next Web’s copy-and-paste rewrite service. And I hope he will be brave enough to make a few proper enemies, as all good journalists must do.

Either way, one to watch closely.