Oh, Jack! You only needed to ask…

By Milo Yiannopoulos

There were titters aplenty in Westminster circles in September when Inside Housing magazine ran a story alluding to questionable content in Labour MP Jack Dromey’s favourites feed on Twitter.

Dromey had favourited a tweet from @bigblackk504, a gay porn Twitter account. At that time Dromey said he was researching a holiday in Paris and favouriting the tweet, which had someone called Paris in it, was an accident.

Today the story is all over the place and in much more detail because Dromey has been at it again: this time with the Twitter account @bigblackcocks, which tweeted a link to “Santiago Rodriguez pumped raw and creamed”.

Dromey’s spokesperson told the Mail Dromey made a mistake while trying to “block” the tweets.  “This is a technological mix-up and we’re sure Jack will be taking Twitter lessons to work out the difference between block and favourite as soon as possible.”

Yeah, but no. You see we looked into his explanation and it’s problematic for a number of reasons. Firstly, you can’t block a tweet: only the tweeter. So not only is Dromey too thick to click the right button but he can’t even find the right page on which to do it.

But secondly, and more importantly, how on earth did Dromey come across this material in the first place? @blackgaycocks has never tweeted Dromey and was not following him. It follows only six accounts.

Nor is Dromey following @blackgaycocks. Nor was the tweet in question retweeted into his timeline. So was Dromey searching for “black gay cocks”? That’s the only explanation The Kernel can come up with.

Perhaps, as Guido Fawkes suggests, it was merely a holiday to Santiago.

All of which led me to tweet in exasperation this afternoon.

What is it about leading Labour ladies and their grubby hubbies? I mean, sorry to be indecorous but this isn’t a cock-up in the sense of, “Oh dear, I found this by accident,” is it? More like massive black cocks up bottoms. Oy vey.