Telegraph baby rape hypocrisy

By Milo Yiannopoulos

A cautionary tale. Here’s the Telegraph in full-on bluster mode, tweeting a non-story about Apple selling Lostprophets music some time after one of the band members admitted to some pretty awful things.

Actually they’re not pretty awful, they are mind-blowingly disgusting. But the Telegraph believes that the other members of Lostprophets, and Apple, should be suffering as a result of his crimes.

“Fans of the band can still buy their bestselling albums The Betrayed, Start Something and Liberation Transmission from the software giant’s iTunes store,” says the paper.

All of which makes the following rather unfortunate, doesn’t it?

The Telegraph's website, today

The Telegraph’s website, today

Intrepid tweeter Sam Golden spotted an ad pointing to the Amazon page for the Lostprophets’ Betrayed album on the Telegraph’s website today. Right under a picture of a baby.

I’m guessing it’s not an Apple v Amazon thing and that this is just bone-headedness. But you get the point.

The moral here is: be very careful about slamming tech firms, unless you’re absolutely sure your own technology service providers aren’t serving up ads encouraging people to purchase exactly what you’re whinging about.

Not to mention the fact that stories like this undermine patience for genuinely shocking scoops like these.

PS – Sorry for the incendiary headline, but, well. The Telegraph started it.