There’s something strange happening in our building

By James Cook

Over the past few days we have noticed something faintly sinister going on in our office building. You see, many of the floors in Royal London House are vacant, and they’ve been that way for some time.

But, for the past few days, beds have been appearing. Not normal beds: fold-up beds, the kind of thing you see on TV footage of Afghan military training camps.

The first beds appeared quietly behind a locked door on the fifth floor.

Lines of unused fold-up beds behind a locked door

Lines of unused fold-up beds behind a locked door

The next morning we checked the beds again. They hadn’t been slept in. Although now the door was unlocked and there was an entire floor filled with beds.

2013-09-04 17.49.47

Nobody in the building has seen anybody install the beds. However, they’re now occupying several floors.

2013-11-27 13.15.34

It’s not like there’s a small amount of beds, either: there are hundreds of them. Every night the building sits empty, with no one occupying the beds.

2013-11-27 17.22.11-2

This has happened before. Last time, the beds disappeared overnight, as quickly as they had arrived, having never been slept in.

No one will tell us what they’re for, or who’s putting them up. Anyone know what’s going on?