Who to un-revine

By Nimrod Kamer on November 4th, 2013

Some Vine artists are just born with glitter in their veins. Here are a few Vines that all of us (exclusively me) have revined in the last couple of months. But now is time to cordially Unrevine them all.

Unrevine = Undo a pointless revine, weeks later, coz you really don’t want other legends on stick on your Vine prof forever.

1. DORITO KING (part 2)

This Vine art was made by Jordan Burt (2.3m followers; verified on Vine). He is a classic Vine-only celeb. On Twitter he is a nobody, with merely 35.8K followers + unverified.

Twitter owns Vine (reminder) but still they are handling Mr Burt differently on each platform. If someone is verified on Twitter they automatically become verified on Vine, but not the other way around.

2. Black Men Can’t Swim

Made by Pagekennedy (655.4K followers), who also invented the #fartcam, as a counter-culture move to the passé #smackcam trend. Kennedy was also the first Vining master to do a #scarecam Vine on a police officer.


The world is made up of devils and pimps, and everyone’s the devil, and everyone’s a pimp. Conner O’Malley (51.1K followers) assaults job creators and white-collar satanists, hands on:

4. Vandenberg

Arielle Vandenberg (babe; 357.7K followers) has the same deep-shallow-mellow Alexa Chung (model) tone of voice, which explains why Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner (musician) dated both her and Chung.

She also does stuff with a chap called Jason Nash (480.K followers):

5. Haters Chasing Shemale

NSFW – click here to view

Vine Queen Shemale Madison is banging. Shemale is her birthname, not a description of what she is.

A Vine leftover from Nimrod Kamer’s TED Talk:

Made by @bennycrime.