Yahoo!’s new logo: rejected designs

By Jeremy Wilson on September 5th, 2013

The soft nuzzling of the airbrush effect in this early prototype was said to convey the flexibility and nuance of the new Yahoo!.


Dramatic and fiery, this was a strong candidate throughout the process. In the end Yahoo!’s creative team felt it might not appeal to women.


‘Clean and gorgeous’ was the verdict on this playful incarnation.


Sporting the kerning that would be seen on the final design, this woody and evocative sketch was turned down by Marissa Mayer as she didn’t like the ‘desperate verticality’ of the exclamation mark.


Exceeding its own bounds (you can just detect the clipping), this vivacious and tearaway final concept was trialled on some Yahoo! properties but failed to make the cut.


There but for the grace of God: only a last-minute change of heart stopped the complex architecture of this dramatic wordmark from adorning one of the most trafficked sites on the internet.

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