OMG: is Lily Cole dating Jack Dorsey?

By The Kernel on December 31st, 2012

The Daily Mail ran pictures today of supermodel and aspiring internet entrepreneur Lily Cole massaging a “mystery man”. Well, the man might be a mystery to the Mail, but he isn’t to us – nor to eagle-eyed spotter and Kernel 50 member Amber Atherton, founder of online jewellery boutique MYFLASHTRASH.

It’s Jack Dorsey. And Cole seems to be getting very close to the famously private Twitter chairman, in images that will come as a surprise and diasappointment to the nerdy hero’s female fan base and a revelation to the tech industry. Is Cole jonesing for a seed investment in her upcoming venture? Or is romance in the air?

Cole and Dorsey are currently holidaying together in St Bart’s. We’ve reached out to Cole’s management and Twitter PR for comment.