Tech City, one year on

By Jason Hesse on May 8th, 2012

On Friday, the Tech City Investment Organisation (TCIO) released an Impact Report, detailing its progress a year from being set up. TCIO is the Government’s attempt to help the technology start-up community in east London grow into “the digital capital of Europe”.

The report was commissioned and published by TCIO itself. Chief executive Eric van der Kleij describes it as “a summary of what we have achieved in our first year”.

The Kernel published a copy of the report on Friday, shortly after it was released. Over the weekend, we have examined its contents. Today we release our analysis, in five parts.

Firstly, we have summarised the contents of the report, bringing together its key findings and statistics in one place.

Secondly, we have conducted vigorous fact-checking against the report’s findings. We’ve attempted to present the results in a light-hearted way, with truthiness scores next to each of the main claims the report makes and an overall horseshit-o-meter score.

Thirdly, and the centre-piece of our report, is an extended in-depth analysis by our Editor-in-Chief of what the Tech City report tells us about the organisation, its objectives, its achievements so far and its future.

Fourthly, we have asked entrepreneurs what they think of Tech City one year on. We have attempted to summarise their opinions as fairly as possible.

Finally, we have conducted an extended interview with TCIO chief executive Eric van der Kleij, in which he addresses many of the criticisms made by us and by the community at large about his organisation. We are publishing the full transcript of this interview.