Menshn co-founder embroiled in sex scandal

By Milo Yiannopoulos on December 7th, 2012

Controversial author, political strategist and entrepreneur Luke Bozier, who has previously written for The Kernel, was accused today of soliciting underage girls using the pen name “Nicholas Smith” by an anonymous hacker using the domain name

Father of two Bozier allegedly boasted of the jacuzzi and sauna in his Russell Square apartment, writing, “I like young girls. I’m hot and well endowed. Available today,” while soliciting for sex in online forum Craigslist.

Screenshots, photos and quotes posted on the internet (warning: NSFW), apparently the result of unauthorised access to Bozier’s Yahoo! email account, see the entrepreneur bragging about the size of his genitals. He at one point writes: “I have a large 9″ white uncut penis. Would your wife be able to take that?”

Bozier describes himself in the leaked private messages as “hot, good looking and in shape”. Pictures of his private parts were posted to Craigslist and appear at the URL above. (The Kernel does not recommend clicking through to the unexpurgated version on a work computer.) gives copious details of Bozier’s registrations on various dating sites and a fake Facebook profile under the name of Jake Evans.

The most damning detail is Bozier’s membership of a site called DarkJB, on which photographs of underage girls are regularly posted by members. On this forum, Bozier wrote, “I love Brazilian teens so much. It’s almost worth flying all the way to Rio to get some jailbait action” on 26 April, 2012.

It is not known how much funding Menshn, the social network Bozier co-founded with former Tory MP Louise Mensch, has taken to date, but at one time the site was being reported as a rival to Twitter.

Rumours on the London entrepreneurial scene suggest that user growth has stalled somewhat recently, despite a mobile site launch and various other improvements.

Louise Mensch responded to this story on Twitter this evening: “[I] saw this story yesterday with great shock and sadness and immediately filed a report with the police. He resigned from company … We are no longer in business together.”

Bozier appears to have deleted his most recent Twitter profile last night after using it to complain about his email account being hacked. He also revealed that he had separated from his long-term partner shortly before deleting his account.