European tech’s New Year’s resolutions

By The Kernel on December 31st, 2012

“Have real conversations.”

— Colette Ballou, president, Ballou PR

“Make sure my friends know how much I love and appreciate them.”

— Shaa Wasmund, founder, Smarta

“Take a vacation.”

— Jason Trost, founder, Smarkets

“Spend more time with my family, less with email.”

— Aydo Schosswald, founder, hy! Berlin

“Move beyond hype.”

— Niko Waesche, partner, GMPVC

“Do less, better.”

— Alex Hoye, angel investor

“Do more, but spend less time tweeting about it.”

— Stu Bradley, Kernel contributor

“Buy more shoes.”

— Lisa Goodchild, founder, Digiwoo

“Yeah, I don’t do these.”

— Max Niederhofer, vice president, Accel Partners

“If I decide to do something, I do it. I don’t wait for a new year.”

— Joshua March, founder, Conversocial

“Nothing. Last year I achieved all of them and you should quit while ahead.”

— Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, founder, Noosphere

“Deliver on promises. And have more fun.”

— Emi Gal, founder, Brainient

“Watch Mean Girls more often.”

— Ben Rooney, tech editor, WSJ Europe

“Be less of a cunt.”

— Robert Loch, life coach

“Break even.”

— Jüri Kaljundi, co-founder, Weekdone

“Get savvier.”

— Stevie Graham, founder, Zap

“No carbs. No taxis.”

— Harry Cole, The Spectator

“Don’t fail.”

— Bryce Keane, 3 Beards

“Fail more! … also, learn to code.”

— Roxanne Varza, co-organiser, Failcon

“Invest in meggings.”

— Brock LeMieux, columnist, The Kernel 

“Get a visa.”

— Jennifer Arcuri, founder, Innotech Summit


— Jack Rivlin, co-founder, The Tab 

“Apply desire and determination to every challenge.”

— Amber Atherton, founder, MYFLASHTRASH

“Learn to reject anger and embrace love.”

— Milo Yiannopoulos, co-founder, The Kernel

“Sever all ties with Milo Yiannopoulos.”

— David Rosenberg, co-founder, The Kernel


— Brett Putter, partner, Forsyth Group

“Live in the moment.”

— Courtney Boyd Myers, General Assembly

“Stay weird. And learn calligraphy.”

— Alex Barrerra, spanish editor, The Kernel 

“Dedicate more time to individuals.”

— Nick Holzherr, founder, Whisk

“Question how human traditions guide our lives.”

— Shed Simove, author and inventor

“Sex. Drugs. Get acquired.”

— Name withheld