Louise Mensch’s next tech start-up: Articl

By James Cook on February 11th, 2013

Louise Mensch, whose previous start-up, Menshn, went down in flames after we revealed details of its co-founder Luke Bozier’s nocturnal surfing habits, is planning to launch another technology start-up, called Articl, The Kernel can reveal.

Mensch paid $1,095 for the domain articl.com in November 2012, when Menshn was still a going concern. The Kernel understands that Luke Bozier was involved in discussions about the new service, suggesting that even before the revelations about Bozier’s private life, the pair were considering a move from the flatlining Menshn.

Former Tory MP Mensch has reportedly been soliciting advice from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, who recently moved to the UK and who has been establishing himself as a technology mentor to the rich and powerful. Wales did not return a request for comment.

Articl.com was registered via the same private registration method as menshn.com, except domain privacy settings were applied after the initial purchase. Consequently, old preview text on Google lists “Louise Mensch” as the administrative contact.

Mensch’s London address in Child’s Street and a mobile telephone number are easily searchable online as a result. Articl.com itself is not yet live.

It is not yet known what service articl.com will host, though given Mensch’s history as a member of the Select Committee for Culture, Media and Sport and the name of the start-up, it is likely to be a content start-up of some kind.

Mensch declined to comment on the contents of this report.