The woman trapped on the internet

By James Cook on September 12th, 2013

Nobody knows what Chip-chan’s real name is. We don’t know for sure where in Korea she lives, nor where her family is. But we do know, however, everything she does, every day of the year.

Why? Because Chip-chan continuously broadcasts her life through three webcams. And Chip-Chan does not lead a normal life.

When the internet first discovered the Korean woman they have since dubbed “Chip-chan”, they thought she was dead, lying slumped in the corner of a messy room, covered with unintelligible hand-written placards. 4chan eventually realised that she was in fact alive – but trapped.

Perhaps noticing that her webcams had sprung into action, Chip-chan hid behind one of her signs.


Internet users scrambled to find someone who could decipher Chip-chan’s cryptic messages, and a bizarre story began to coalesce around her. According to the messages she left in view of her webcam as she slept, Chip-chan can’t sleep from 7 until 10pm, thanks to a police officer she calls “P”.

Her other signs bore just as mysterious statements:

Don’t get tricked, don’t get fooled. Early every morning. If someone comes that paralyzes the person. I can’t be stopped.

Eventually a blog was located, which seems to originate from the same place as the webcams above. In it, she posts about a chip that has been implanted in her ankle. She says it causes her to fall asleep. A corrupt police officer, “P”, stalks her, and she claims that he enters her flat when she is asleep, turning off her cameras.

The stalker use this skill from 2006, I have slept for 20 hours everyday since then. I do not know what have happened while I sleep, I have been always afraid of sleeping.

It is unknown whether Chip-chan installed the webcams herself. Whether she is trying to see what happens when she sleeps (which can be for up to 20 hours a day) or whether “P” is trying to keep track of her, thousands of people across the world watch Chip-chan’s life, saving videos and still images to post online, alongside their theories about why she lives and behaves so strangely.

Chip Chan at home

Self-styled Chip-chan experts have established that she rarely leaves the house, except to gather supplies dressed in a disguise. Compiling a list of places that she has mentioned, it seems that Chip-chan lives in Seoul. Chippies have noted that she sometimes sleeps in a filing cabinet.

The places Chip-chan has mentioned

Some followers have tried emailing Chip-chan, and have received unintelligible responses filled with blurry photographs of police officers.

Could Chip-chan really be controlled by a corrupt police officer? The VeriChips that this unknown woman claims to have had implanted inside her do exist, and RFID technology is being used around the world.

It is, however, unlikely that they could exert the level of control that she claims in her blog and on her signs.

Other internet speculators claim to have spoken to police officers in Seoul who are aware of Chip-chan. They have dismissed her as mentally ill, and allow her to occasionally take photographs of them when she is outside protesting against CCTV and corrupt policemen.

The internet, with its perpetual sweaty palms, watches on.