Meet the ‘creepers’ taking dirty snaps of your family

By Jeremy Wilson on September 23rd, 2013

Warning: This story contains sexually explicit material that may be NSFW. 

Voyeurism has been around for as long as humans have had eyes, so it came as no surprise when a corner of the internet dedicated to the subject – the now-defunct subreddit /r/creepshots, made headlines last year following the unmasking of one of its moderators, Violentacrez. The headlines shone a light on what had become one of the most popular destinations for creepshot aficionados: people who get off on surreptitiously taken pictures, normally of women.

reddit closed down /r/creepshots in response to negative publicity, but, unsurprisingly, creepshotters have found plenty of places on the internet to indulge in their creepy obsession. Some porn sites such as (a site that regularly features possibly illegal content) host user-submitted voyeur photos, but the majority of creepshotters have set up shop on simple imageboard sites.

A prime example of this is AnonIB, an imageboard which hosts sub-boards such as “Hentai Bestiality”, “Pee girls”, “Paragirls”, “Sleeping girls” and “Peeping Toms (No Fakes!)”.

The Peeping Tom sub-board is more than just a place to post pictures: it’s a hangout for perverts – both die-hard weirdos and prurient teens with access to technology beyond the wildest dream of their parents.


When you think of a “creepshot” (should you ever be moved to do so), you probably imagine a blurry photo of a woman’s leg, furtively snapped by a sicko on his Samsung. And this type of picture is indeed a mainstay of Peeping Toms. Examples include the following image taken by someone calling himself Anonymous (as most people on the board do).

“I was able to make this pics at a shopping centre,” he wrote.

Pictures taken on public transport are also a favourite. When one user posted a picture he’d taken on a train, he was inundated with responses from board members uploading their prized train pictures.

Anonymous: “Anyone into train or other public upskirt attempts? I know this one is not great. but its a start :-)”

2 Family

But it’s not just quick snaps of strangers on the subway. Creepshotters often become obsessed with their own families. Pictures of mothers, sisters and nieces are always well received on the boards.

An anonymous user posted a picture of a young female exiting a car with the following comment:

“I took a quick photo of my Asian niece in the car and i hit the jackpot. I didn’t realise it was an upskirt until I checked my phone when I got home.”


Anonymous: “Brought my gopro on my vacation back home. Set up in a hole in the shitty drop ceiling. This is my second day of vacay and this what I got. This is my 19 year old adopted asian sis. Hopefully as the week goes on i can get more. I would love to get head on shots but its but inpossible here.”


Mom pictures are just as popular.

Teaser: “As soon as I moved out of my parents house and into my own apartment, I knew it’d be the perfect chance to finally catch my Mom naked. So when she came down to visit, I put a cam in the bathroom to catch her, and here is what I got.”


Anonymous, “Nice, how’d you get those pics? Lets see some more of her tits!”

Teaser: “Got them with a pen cam from brickhouse. It works perfectly. Here’s another one. Let me know if you want to see more, I’ve got tons of great ones with face”

The meticulous planning that goes into obtaining surreptitious pictures of family members can result in high quality results. Here’s a colour video that appeared to have been made on a regular digital camera, not a grainy nanny-cam.

Anonymous: “So yeah, me and a friend hid a camera in his sisters room whilst she was in the shower. In the video she comes back into her room and sings along to the radio whilst in her towel before getting dressed. No audio for this one but in the future we hope to get videos of her having sex as well which will have audio. Anyway, enjoy.”


The board members loved it.

Anonymous: “very nice work.”

Anonymous: “Love it. Thank you! Can’t wait for more! :)”

Anonymous: “Holy eff man definitely one of the best uploads I have seen on here in quite some time, can’t wait to see more of her!”

Anonymous: “Definitely eager to see more. How old is she?”


Along with family members, relatives of friends are a popular target for creepers. Most people keep fantasies about their wife’s friends to themselves. But creepers share them with the world.

Typical posts include this one posted by anonymous:“Peeping tom pic of my wifes friend in the shower”


And this one by Anonymous: “finally had the balls to try and get a picture of my gf’s sister. not exactly a quality post, but hey, new stuff is always good right?…
back story is pretty basic. gf’s 23 year old sister is visiting from out of town and she’s staying with us the next 3 days. I’ll try to get as much as possible in this time, however I’m pretty much working with a shitty camera and limited areas to hide it.”

12 Anonymous had plenty more pictures of his girlfriend’s sister to share.

11 “a few more! The one of her bent over is her and her bf. we went on a vacation last summer and they were dumb enough to try and bang one out while my gf and I went downstairs for food. haha, I came buckets to this shit for a year.”

‘I came buckets to this shit for a year.’

Eager to improve the creepshot viewing experience for everyone else, one user on AnonIB enjoys making subtle improvements to the “girlfriend’s sister” posts in Photoshop.

“hope you don’t mind, I fixed the exposure and gamma a little”

The Peeping Tom board brings another dimension to revenge porn, with pictures being obtained of ex-girlfriends after the poster had broken up with them.

Anonymous: “My ex had no clue about the keychain camera recording her.”


Asking for advice

Users of the board are often keen to graduate from being content consumers to content generators. Someone called Peeper spotted an opportunity to spy on some friends and reached out to the board for help.

“This coming weekend I’ll be staying at a hotel with a few of my friends. Two are very sexy girls, one of them has at least a pair of D’s if not bigger. We’re all sharing a bedroom so I assume the only changing/nude area will be the bathroom. I need help finding a spy cam to place in the bathroom to catch them changing and showering. What do you all suggest? What will give me the best picture for the best price? Time is of the essence since I need to order this soon. Don’t worry, I’ll share those big tits when I get them!”

Forum users piled in with helpful suggestions.

Anonymous: “Keep a small backpack/carrying case in the bathroom. Make sure you have a towel/clothes/whatever in there. Hide a pen camera inside there or any other spy cam. It’s easier to hide it inside a black cloth so it blends in.”

Peeper: “I was hoping for something a little more discreet than a pen cam. Is there a place that has legit toothbrush cams, or shaving cream ones? Something that she wouldn’t give a second glance to and I can set up a good shot.”

Anonymous: “Seriously don’t waste money on high priced shaving cream cameras. All win I’ve ever recorded has been with a simple pen cam. I put that in my black “toiletrie” bag and hide it among my shaver, toothbrush, shampoos, etc. Don’t try getting win the first day, let the girls get used to seeing that black bag first. It will also let you know what times to expect them to shower.”

Anonymous: “Good hunting.”

Peeper: “I was thinking about getting a watch cam or toothbrush cam. I think both would be easy to leave out and not have to worry about her getting suspecious. Has anyone bought one”

Anonymous: “I use the nightowl watch camera. It records at 1080p @ 30 FPS. The only problem is that the battery will only last like an hour and a half.”

Those seeking advice might have access to James Bond type gadgetry, but to say they lack the suave manner of an MI6 operative is putting it mildly.

Prepcraft: “Is somebody still online here to give me some advice on something ? I need some response withing 4 hours . If no response withing 4 hour , i lose my chance .”

Anonymous:”um what??”

Prepcraft: “I stolen a spycam from somebody i know. He wont notice that i stole it if i put the cam back on its place by tomorrow morning.Se yeah , i don’t have any place to put it in my house or anything ( no sister or neighbors) But i have to leave my house in a couple of hours . SO i thought to record some public girls . Its the hottest day in the year in our country , so all the girls will be wearing skirts and slutty stuff. I spend an entire day in a big city. But im so afraid to get busted . So i dont feel comfortable spying in dressing rooms . But i was thinking about up-skirts in trains and stuff . can someone give me some good advice ?”

In the workplace

A surprising array of advice can be found on the board, including tips for those wishing to carry out very specific creepshotting missions. A worker at discount-retailer Target gave the inside scoop on operating in the changing rooms:

Anonymous: “if theres an expert in here, you should try and give target a try! It’s a coed dressing room and tons of hot girls try on bikinis here. i don’t have the equipment to or else i would try but someone should def give it a shot!!”

target worker shirt: “i work at target we only have one sec.person on duty and we don’t bother with the dressing room area mainly focus on elec/make up areas…but there can be a undercover(plain dressed) person walking around pretending to be a guest(customer) doing a watch…but again we tend to follow the young punks around in elec/make-up..we dont care about perverts unless its with kids”

The users of Peeping Toms might fancy themselves cunning deviants, but their response to someone posting a nude picture of their roommate tells you everything you need to know about the sort of people who inhabit this corner of the internet.

Anonymous: “25 years old roommate. what do you think?”



Images pixellated by The Kernel.