The creepy world of ‘cappers’

By Jeremy Wilson on October 2nd, 2013

The lure of instantaneous human connection offered by webcam-based conversation facilitators, such as Chatroulette, have so far failed to gain any traction beyond mild curiosity. The main problem these sites face is the men who, free from conventional societal restrictions, revert to their baser instincts and whip their todgers out at the first whiff of a tit.

Chatroulette has gone to extraordinary lengths to scrub penises from its service, employing algorithms and humans to ban exhibitionists. Fortunately for horny clickers, plenty of video chat services have picked up where the uncensored days of Chatroulette left off.

Fortunately for horny clickers, plenty of video chat services have picked up where the uncensored days of Chatroulette left off.

Until recently, Omegle was the go-to website for uncensored video chat. A quick browse reveals the usual assortment of furious masturbators frantically pasting “tits plZ” before they get nexted. No surprise there. But if you pay attention, something curious will catch your eye: many of the webcams are showing exactly the same thing.

There’s the ripped skinhead with the cheeky smile, taking turns between between wanking, typing and eye-fucking the screen. There’s the smily girl with big breasts who goes through the same routine of typing and stripping. And there’s an assortment of alluring females who appear to be engaged in flirty conversation.

A typical ‘loop’

These video can be made into “loops”, and operated by “cappers”: sick individuals who trawl video chat websites for hours in the hope of of coaxing unsuspecting people into taking their clothes off. They then record their “captures” and circulate them online. Often it’s men looking to exploit young girls, but not always: women do it too, and gay men are also getting in on the act, posing as women to entice straight victims into exposing themselves.

loop guy1

“Cappers” use freely available software, and capping forums are full of step-by step guides for beginners eager to get in on the action. While it’s not strictly necessary to use loops when capping, most cappers discover they have more success when appearing as a chiseled alpha male or a buxom brunette than appearing as themselves.

Inside the world of the cappers

It can’t be stressed enough, just how much time these men must put into their pursuit. I spent two hours on the new unmoderated section of Omegle and saw hundreds of dicks, lots of loops and less than seven real women – only one of whom stopped to talk to me, and only then to tell me of her relief at seeing someone wearing clothes.

One of the most notorious cappers claims to have made over 500 caps, hundreds of which he has uploaded online. An eye-watering amount of time must have been spent to acquire such a haul.

The problem with video loops is it’s easy to slip up: you can only type when your loop types and do what your loop does. The ruse simply can’t be kept up for long and girls soon learn to ask attractive individuals to “wave” for them.

Desperation breeds innovation, and cappers are nothing if not innovative. A popular alternative to video loops are games: simple slide-shows that encourage the removal of clothes in return for points. These game can be easily created or acquired on forums. There’s even a website dedicated to them.

“The game” may sound unbelievable, but the results posted online speak for themselves. As one new capper put it: “I must tell, that at first I was very sceptical about the points game. I could not really imagine that there are quite a lot of girls and women who would show their body and do stuff just to get some points and maybe gain a highscore.

“But I tried it first time this weekend to great SUCCESS. Within 2 hours 4 girls very willing and enthusiastic! Thanks to the unknown inventor of this sexy game!”

This extraordinary success could be down to beginner’s luck, since cappers frequently bemoan their lack of “wins”.

“Got my first bra in yonks today”

“i haven’t even bothered with omegle for 2 weeks now just to dry to try and a bra is the new flash i guess the fun is all over for me im tired of trying for hours to get no result from the work”

“I got an ass flash but that is it”

As well as excitable newbies and disillusioned oldies, some cappers are experienced pros and happily share their tricks of the trade: “I use the game and broadcast via ManyCam, putting all point options onto the page and high scores from “today”.


The detailed advice cappers give to each other is quite astonishing – and desperately creepy. When one new capper asked what time of day was best for capping, he received a variety of answers.

There are several dedicated sites and forums for cappers to upload their ‘wins’ to.

“the best time is friday till sunday evenings on us time in my opinion. i show myself on cam and found every 15-30 minutes a girl. u can see some example vids in my profile. i start uploading since a few days. have around 150+ vids… and dont try it with those fakevids and manycam or “high score” bords. no girl will show herself.”

For the girls who fall victim to cappers, their fate is often worse than simply languishing in a neatly-labelled file on a pervert’s hard drive. There are several dedicated sites and forums for cappers to upload their “wins” to. And while even porn sites of ill repute such as have removed large swathes of capped videos from their sites, they still host large amounts of content submitted by cappers.

Think of the children

While the uploading of these ill-gotten videos is disturbing, it pales in comparison to the trade of underage captures. Messages like the ones below are common on porn site forums.

“I have lots of win caps from omegle. looking to trade. i have never posted my vids on this site so no one has seen them. i will trade 4 pics if ur willing to trade 5-10 pics for one solid video. vids are of teens some ages i know. prefer same age or yunger 4 trades . msg me at [email protected] if interested.”

“Trading videos that i can’t post here. Leave a message.”

On some forums, users are even more explicit. One imageboard hosts sub-boards where cappers post thumbnails of clearly underage girls they have recorded. The cappers then trade their videos privately or egg each other on to post the full videos online. They get away with it because no-one is shining a light on their corner of the internet.