The men who want their foreskins back

By Jeremy Wilson on October 7th, 2013

Warning: This story contains sexually explicit material that may be NSFW. 

Aggrieved men are gathering on forums such as, which bills itself as an “intactivist network”. The forum is full of men venting their anger and vowing take action. This post by a member calling himself “Trickydick” is typical of newcomers to the site.

“I have been looking into what was stolen from me for a couple months now. While i suppose it is good to know so i can possibly stop it from being inflicted on someone else, i liked my life better before i knew. Its always on my mind, i just revolve between being crushed emotionally and being soooo fucking mad i start twitching.

I just wants to curl up into a ball and disappear. This is the most shameful/angry/sad/hateful/depressing feeling I’ve ever had.”

The remedy prescribed below by “freddy” to “Trickydick” is the same advise offered to all newbies: get it back.

“Since you joined the site, I’ll assume that you are considering foreskin restoration. And I would also strongly suggest that you commit to restoration. Most of us are felling or have felt what you do. A commitment to restore is one of the most effective treatment. It will put you back in charge of your own body, increase your self-esteem, and relieve you of the negative attitude forced by your understanding of what was done to you. Unfortunately, truth often hurts, but it gives you an understanding that you and only you, will from now on, decide what you choose for your life.
I really hope that you will start your own restoration. Personally, it has been one of the best decision I ever made.”

The roots behind the decision to embark on foreskin restoration are varied, but they revolve around two core issues: anger and shame.

For many, the loss of their foreskin has a deep sexual significance – they feel sexually incomplete. This lament by DPX1 is typical of the daily shame some of these men feel.

“I started dating this girl over the summer, and at some point we were talking about our sexual histories and she mentioned that she had sex with a few men while studying in Scotland. I put two and two together, and realized that she’s had sex with men who were most likely intact.

“She’s been with intact men. She’s given them pleasure and been in intimate contact with their foreskins and ridged bands and frenulums and all number of intact features. She’s experienced their gliding actions and smooth glanses and everything.

“And I won’t get to have that. I’ll never get to have that level of intimacy with her. It’s easier for her to experience sex with a foreskin, she can just go be with someone who has one. Whereas I will never. And she will never know my whole body the way she has known someone else’s, because part of mine isn’t there.

“I just realized all this today, thinking about it for no reason at all. And now I feel terrible.

“Anyone else know this feeling?”

While this sort of shame is frequently talked about, anger towards those responsible for the circumcision is the most common source of rage among foreskin enhancers.

boo24555: “Do you still stay in contact with your parents after you found out about getting circumcised…I don’t think i will in the future”

Suicidal123: “I hate them. They think ignorance is an excuse. If they hadn’t ruined my life in many other ways, maybe I could have forgiven them, but it’s like they deliberately had me so they could destroy me.”

All this talk of foreskin restoration is bound to conjure up images of gruesome Frankenstein-type surgery. While that type of medical procedure does exist, most restorers are more inclined to go down the DIY route.

The most favoured method of restoration is to stimulate growth by using tension. According to the pro-restoration site, this differs from stretching because new skin, muscle and mucosa are caused to grow.

“The process is like the growth of earlobes under the tension of heavy earrings, or the so-called ‘stretching’ of the lips of tribespeople with introduced discs and other objects.

The technique is recognised in medicine. It is used to grow skin to cover amputation stumps and major surgery such as the separation of conjoined twins

Results are slow but much cheaper and more likely to be satisfactory than surgery. Part of the satisfaction comes doing it for yourself. Part comes from taking charge of a part of your life that was stolen from you.”

Before embarking on the restoration process, men can a peruse a huge amount of dedicated online content that aims to help understand what to expect from their foreskin stretching journey. For instance the website provides “The Coverage Index”, a tool complete with helpful photographs that helps men undergoing foreskin restorations to chart their progress.

Manual Tugging

The simplest way of imparting tension upon ones member is to pull on it manually. Many methods for manual tugging exist and members use to share their experiences.


While many men such as AshSW find the ”the sensation is unpleasant and that it feels like it’s pulling uncomfortably on the sulcus”, others swear by the method.

CarolinaResident: “I’ve been tugging for 1-2 hours per day for 3 days so far with a lot of different methods while I’ve been sitting @ the computer doing other things when nobodys around, and I’m already starting to see some improvements believe it or not… I can already see the skin starting to wrinkle more, and I feel like the corona has a lot more sensitivity, because I’ve been covering it with my own skin.”

RenewedDude: “I found all the devices I ever tried to be uncomfortable, burdensome, or difficult to keep on… Devices need to be worn for prolonged periods of time for results, but manual tuggers promote short periods of high tension. So I started tugging manually – and constantly. While watching movies, while doing nothing, while reading, sometimes while driving”

Canaanite: “I have been manually tugging for about five months now. No device, nor retaining rings or tape. Still, I usually tug for about three hours every night. Even with that small amount of work I have noticed phenomenal progress. The skin is much looser, and I estimate I have gained about 3/4 of an inch.”


Taping, or T-taping is also a simplistic way for stretching the skin with medical tape. The website gives a good overview of the method.

“The T-tape is applied to the foreskin a certain way in order to tension the foreskin with an elastic band that is clipped to the tape. The name comes from the shape of the tape before it is applied to the skin. The sticky part forms the top of the T and the descending part of the T is a folded over portion of tape. The sticky part of the tape is attached to the skin and the folded portion of the tape is attached to the elastic tensioning device”

There are many methods of taping and forums are full of users giving advice based on their experience. Of most concern is the direction the elastic tensioning device, a giant rubber band, should be pulled. Popular threads include “over the shoulder method? Around the waist?” and “down the leg method help”.

Of course, constantly pulling on a penis is not without risks, as Antizmel explains, one must be careful not to tug too hard.

“So I have been taping for a couple weeks now and it would seem I have made the rookie mistake of tugging too hard (or maybe removing the tape without soaking it first too often?). The skin around my scar where I have applied and removed the tape now has a couple small (mm scale) red welts.”


Other everyday items can be utilsed for restoring foreskin. According to The National Organization of Restoring Men – a non-profit support group for men who have concerns about being circumcised, are considering foreskin restoration, or are in the process of restoring their foreskins, “O-rings, such as the black rubber ones found at the hardware or automotive store can be used to hold the foreskin forward.”

While these extremely low-tech methods are popular, there’s no shortage of companies casing on the desire for a new foreskin and offering devices.

The “TLC Packer” and “TLC Tugger” are devices offered by “TLC Tugger, Improving the world – one penis at a time”. Used in conjunction with “Your-Skin® Cone”, they provide constant tension to the penile shaft skin without the use of tape. If the tension isn’t sufficient, weights can be added for extra tugging.


The obvious thing that springs to mind when seeing these devices is that it can’t be comfortable to have one strapped around your manhood for extended periods of time. This suspicion is confirmed by members of the forums.

GitarooMan: “Tugging hurts after 2-3 hours. Can’t tug through the night. I bought the TLC Tugger a couple years ago and have used it on and off, as privacy permits. However, I am thinking of getting serious this summer. My problem is as the title says: I cannot tug for extended periods of time or else it starts to hurt pretty painfully.”

If the standard tugging devices don’t cut it, men can splash out on a bi-directional tensioning device to provide greater tension. A pioneering bi-directional devices is the “Constant Applies Tension” stretcher – CAT Stretcher. The CAT has a “pusher” which goes against the glans and a “puller” which grabs the foreskin. An adjustable rod joins the two and provides tension.


Restorers often worry about the safety of these more extreme devices, but forum users such as restorer91 seek to reassure them with tales of success.

“I´m restoring for 1 and a half years now and i have good results according to the growth of the foreskin and the sensibility of the glans.

Last week i´ve been at a routine examination at the doctor. He checked my penis and my balls and my foreskin too. His result was: nice cock with a good result of restoration and a healthy penis and balls.

so don´t worry. I don´t think that restoring is very dangerous if you do it right !!”

Why do these men undertake such an awkward an unusual process? For most, the restoration is about more than changing their physical appearance, it’s about finding mental healing. The dream of taking back something that was stolen is best illustrated by this exchange between forum users boo24555 and Appalled Observer.

“Does the anger of being circumcised go away after foreskin restoration
And how much of a different does it make to get your foreskin back”

“My opinion is, I should imagine it goes a long way towards melting the hatred. They tried (knowingly or otherwise) to destroy your sexual functioning and comfort…and they ultimately failed: you beat them. I think when you have what you want, you’re entitled to whip it out and wave it in their faces–‘Look at this: fuck you. All you did was make me work, but now the work is done.’”