Ten alternatives to @Horse_ebooks

By Jeremy Wilson on October 8th, 2013

The scandalous demise of @Horse_ebooks, the popular spambot account that turned out to be the handiwork of real humans, has left a gibberish shaped hole in the lives of many Twitter users. But life [email protected]_ebooks doesn’t have to be free from daily doses of Twitter drivel, these accounts might just be the remedy you need.


Where @ringostarrmusic has failed musically, he has successfully found an outlet for his creativity through the misuse of Twitter. Or are we all using it wrong?



@CrimerShow distills the detective show genre into glorious morsels of derivative goodness. CSI Miami will never be the same again.


@GooglePoetics takes Google’s search suggestions and turns them into Shakespeare for millennials. Who would have thought algorithms were capable of such beauty?


@Toronto_Airshow simulates the experience of being at an airshow via the medium of caps lock enhanced plane noises.




@YourAwayMessage recalls the hedonistic days of AOL instant messenger. Through the use of “classic” away messages you can recall your misspent youth talking to your friends in real time over dial up internet.



@oldmansearch simulates the internet search history of an old man. Enjoy it while you can, one day you will be searching for a canister of olympic pool water to gift to your grandchildren.




Imagine if your doctor was a pug. What would he say? What advice would he give? Ponder no more, @DoctorPug is here to give you answers.



@amandabynes takes down the barrier between a troubled star’s mind and the world. How did we live without her pearls of wisdom?




When he’s not stuck in his “attick”, @themichaelcaine imparts his genius through subtle wordplay and broken URLs.



If you’re not following @cher, why not?