Is Tinder morally wrong? We asked some Mormons

By Ned Donovan on October 14th, 2013

In a disorientating world, constants can be comforting. The family-focused Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, better known as Mormonism, whose follows practise chastity and avoid all addictive substances, has been experiencing something of a renaissance recently, for perhaps that reason.

Seeking guidance on the Mormon view of apps such as Snapchat and Tinder, The Kernel visited, a website that offers a 24-hour chat service with Mormon missionaries who are standing by to assist with life’s pressing questions.

Within moments of logging into the service, we were greeted by Kortney and Megan who would be our missionaries for the chat.

What brings you to today?

We tried to express to our new friends what it’s like to live in a world surrounded by apps and @Horse_eBooks. They didn’t seem to understand, so we began to explain Snapchat to them.

After we finished explaining the concept of disappearing photographs and showing them how the app worked, we asked Kortney and Megan whether the Mormon church was against the app.

Not at all. Everything in the church helps you to come closer to Christ and it is all according to your choice. We have nothing against games on your phone :)

But then we explained that most people use Snapchat to send rude photographs to each other. The Mormons took a dimmer view of the app then.

It’s up to you to pray about it and ask God what you should do. Personally I would just delete it.

With our new friends having condemned Snapchat, we moved on, to discuss apps such as Tinder, hoping to receive an official church blessing on right swiping, but it was not forthcoming.

We should love all people and not judge them. These really are things that you need to talk with your father in heaven about because there is not one thing that works for the whole church on finding their husband or wife.

Another app that we discussed with the internet Mormons was Candy Crush. We told them how addictive it can be and asked for guidance on how to rid ourselves of the app.

Why are you asking us? Follow God :) Read the Book of Mormon, it will tell you what we believe. For your app situation, you need to talk with God and ask Him how you will find them.

Moving on from mobile apps, we sought the Mormon church’s judgement on Grand Theft Auto V, which had made headlines for its graphic depictions of violence.

What do you believe God would tell you? He wants you to put him as a priority. Love the Lord thy God and Love thy neighbour as thy self.

So, not all that helpful to be honest. We didn’t get around to asking which states Jesus visited when he went to America or what that wacky underwear was all about, because it was clear we were making a nuisance of ourselves.

But if we understood the Mormons correctly, while Snapchat would appear to be off-limits, as a way of finding a husband or wife it looks like Tinder gets a thumbs-up. Hurrah!