The 17 very worst celebrity selfies

By Jeremy Wilson on October 22nd, 2013

Twitter has given the world unprecedented access to the inner worlds of celebrities we’re more used to seeing waxed, tweezed, plucked and airbrushed. The results can be gruesome. Here are 17 reasons superstars should pick up the phone to their publicists before hitting Share.

Justin Bieber

The tensed abs, the pained face, the naff tattoos… Justin Bieber makes the classic mistake of trying too hard.


Tom Hanks

We can see what Tom Hanks was aiming for here. Unfortunately the poorly judged marraige of facial and camera angles resulted in something deeply unflattering.


Chris Pratt

While the “tensed muscle selfie” is a necessary rite of passage for any buffed-up social media maven, Chris Pratt would have been better advised to keep the results of this particular photo shoot to himself.


James Franco

When you have cheekbones as fine as Franco’s why cover them up?


P. Diddy

Taking pictures of yourself with something you could never hope to own is something poor people do. P Diddy should know better.



Ditto Eminem. (Mathers has form on this: remember when he tried to convince the world that Mariah Carey was in love with him? Sigh.)


Tyra Banks

Everyone has an angle that just doesn’t work for them. Tyra Banks found hers. So not fierce.


Hilary Duff

Including others in your selfie introduces an unknown variable and thus added risk, as Hilary Duff recently discovered.



In theory, there’s no reason why a woman in her fifties can’t selfie her grill. In practice, well.


Lena Dunham

Some outfits even the most creative of compositions can’t sort out. Lena Dunham was wearing one of them.


Kourtney Kardashian

Tempting fate, and uncharitable comparisons. Just say no.


Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera may well have the best body of any seventy-year-old out there. But that’s still no excuse for doing this.


Adrianne Curry

Adrianne Curry’s shocker of a selfie should serve as a warning to anyone considering a nudie of their own. If someone as attractive as Adrianne can get it so wrong, imagine how bad your own one probably is.


Jennifer Love-Hewitt

There’s a fine line between ironic duck pout and… this. Jennifer Love-Hewitt slightly misfires with this heavily filtered number.


Lady Gaga

Gazing into your phone while taking a selfie runs the risk of you looking vacant. An elementary mistake.


Lindsay Lohan

Hair-bra is never acceptable. Even if you’re Lindsay Lohan.


Chris Brown

Making yourself look as unlikeable as Chris Brown does in this photo is skill of sorts. But don’t get tempted to emulate him. In any way.


Kim Kardashian

For regular followers of Kim’s selfies, the following image may come as a bit of a shock. What on earth was she thinking?