The internet ruined truth or dare

By Jeremy Wilson on November 1st, 2013

Warning: This story contains sexually explicit language that may be NSFW. 

The classic party game has been a staple of teenage drinking sessions for centuries. It has become as essential a lubricant for the escalation of adolescent sexual tension as cheap vodka. If your days of quaffing booze down the park are over, there’s still a way to indulge in some nostalgic truth or daring – head over to, the home of online truth or dare fans.

The getdare 18+ truth or dare forum contains over 34,000 threads, each one a virtual party game – just without the booze, or human contact, or fun. The forum does away with any pretence that the game is about anything other than sexual humiliation. The concept is simple: people create a profile that includes their Likes, Dislikes and “Hard Limits”, then they request dares or truths.

There’s an astonishing variety of posts on the forum, from the mundane to the torture-me-and-make-me-drink-piss. Simple requests beget simple responses and are a good way to incorporate people into your sexual fantasies without going to too much effort.

An example of this is the recent post by forum user 6u3k whose post “simple yet extreme CBT [cock and ball torture] request”

“I’m a major mashocist so this is how things will work first pick A. Tied nuts B. Untied nuts

Then chose palm 2.fist 3.paddle 4.metal dog choker 5.meat tenderizer

Then give me a number between 1-100

I’ll beat my balls as many times as told with time permitting each day until this thread dies.”

6u3k’s post garnered plenty of three character replies, prompting him to update the thread each time he fulfilled a dare and give status reports on his scrotum.

“Nuts are nicely bruised as I head to work today”

People who seek out dares in order to get their kicks often get off on humiliation – so it’s no surprise to find a lot of dares pertain to chastity fetishes. A typical chastity post often reads like this one – “chastity dare, finally got the guts” by jessie8888 who was very specific about his likes and dislikes in his profile:

“Likes: dressing girly, especially at work (I would love to wear skirt suits or something to work), chastity, ties, vibrators

Maybe: diapers (not sure), butt plugs

Dislikes: blood, poop, pee, public nudity”

“I have been reading these over the past year or so, going to try one of my favorites (though I may not like it once I try it, I hate wearing skirts when I am locked up, even if my girlfriend likes it). Anyway, each reply gives me a week to a month in chastity (you pick) and a week to a month in skirts, you pick the outfits too. Make sure Monday thru friday they are something I can wear to work, weekends are open. You can reply once per day, it stays up 2 weeks. Wish me luck!”

At last count jessie8888 had 33 months in chastity and had various clothing requirements to fill such as a month in petticoats and diapers.

In contrast to these specific dare requests, many users embrace the the spirit of the game more openly such as SexyNatalie whose post “19/ F. Give me dares” is typical of those seeking something more adventurous.

“I will be recieving dares, but I will start doing them tomorrow, please within my limits and might do. I will ask the person for a punishment if I can’t complete a dare. I will also report back as soon as I can.
19/ female

Likes: moderate pain, pussy insertions, nipple play, orgasm control and denial, spanks.

Might do: Semi or “accidental” public, piss, wedgies, anal, kissing strangers (no sex, no oral, just kissing)

Limits: Fully Public, scat, family, kids, animals, pics, video, audio.”

The diverse responses included a dare to “Get a carrot and insert it as far as possible into your pussy, over the next 2 hours every 15 minutes remove it and bite off and eat a chunk then reinsert the rest back in your pussy” and this loquacious challenge.

While most threads fizzle out after a few days, some of the most interesting ones keep going for months, or even years. The post “ Wife wants to be humiliated. She wants your help” by nanomt was started in January last year, and has only just been called to a halt 514 posts later. Over the past couple of years the thread has covered just about every deviant theme possible, leading to some forum users to worry for the safety of nanomt’s wife, who at one point informed the board that she “an unwilling participant”.

Other long running threads are geared towards mass participation such as “Female slave for 15 minutes”, in which women who post must do all the dares sent to them, that are within their limits, for fifteen minutes. The thread has received over 1500 posts. The latest post was from originaldaregirl who repeatedly utilises the board to get her daily dare fix, eagerly doing anything that falls under her likes and dislikes listed below.

“Likes:- shower dares, ice, wedgies, insertion [all holes], spanking, clothing control, bondage, humiliation

Dislikes:- messy, hidden public, pegs, bladder control, peeing myself

Limits:- family, animals, pee, poo, illegal, extreme pain, public, pics to strangers”

originaldaregirl is also one of the few users who actively seeks the out the “truth” part of truth or dare, recently starting the thread “19/F Give me questions”. Which, compared to the rest of the site, is incredibly mundane.

So, there you go. If you find your party reaches an awkward moment in the future, why not try some internet truth or dare?