Meet the woman outsourcing her love life

By James Cook on November 5th, 2013

Time seems to be crucial to Espree Devora. Apparently she has been dubbed “the Girl who Gets it Done”, her business is called “Save Business Time” and her personal email out of office reply informs you that she will get back to you in 2014.

But for this time-poor entrepreneur and journalist, the next step in efficiency is outsourcing her love life. Since March 2013, she has paid an assistant to use online dating sites to try and find suitable men for her.

Espree’s initial inspiration came from a video of a talk by entrepreneur and author Tim Ferriss where he discusses what happened when he outsourced his love life.

The Kernel asked Espree Devora what convinced her to take the radical step of trusting a stranger with her dating profiles.

“It was Tim Ferriss’s video that inspired the idea because I absolutely am bored by online dating. I prefer genuine in person connections rather than back and forth mindless email chatter. So I watched the video he made and then created a mind map on how to do it from the video.”

Espree's original plan for outsourcing her love life.

Espree’s original plan for outsourcing her love life.

“I’m a passionate entrepreneur obsessed with being resourceful and productive so I like to spend my time working on my company,, rather than emailing with strangers. Hence the nickname ‘the Girl who Gets it Done’. A lot of these guys send me ridiculous waste of time emails so why not have someone else weed through it all. Online dating takes several hours per week.”

Espree has been anonymously documenting her unusual experience on a blog titled “Outsource Your Love Life“. There are two people posting on the blog, “the girl” and “the assistant”. Espree explained to us exactly what it is that her assistant does.

“My remote assistant logs into multiple online dating accounts that are mine and finds guys she thinks would be a good fit for me. She emails them saying she thinks her boss and the potential guy would get along well and should meet. If he’s interested, the guy and she set up the date and I simply show up. She is 100% honest and doesn’t pretend to be me or anything. Honesty is important to me.”

So has outsourcing her love life helped Espree Devora find her soulmate? Seemingly not, she’s still single and plotting even more ways to find Mister Right.

The next step

“Phase 2 is to outsource it to a Facebook ad” says Espree. Tired of having to wait for responses to her assistant’s messages, Espree is progressing onto a more direct approach: paid advertisement on Facebook. She is intending to pay for an advertising campaign that leads to this page.

This landing page is filled with photographs of Espree, along with links to her social media profiles (“You can use these to cyber stalk me…”)

There is also a selection of quotations about Espree from some of the people who know her best. This one comes from her “Canadian best friend” Liam Martin.

Hold on tight, Espree is a wild ride!

Other quotations from one of her ex-boyfriends and her mother round out that section.

It seems that Espree Devora has settled on outsourcing her love life. Whether it works out for her has yet to be seen. Does she recommend it to others?

“I am really open minded. I don’t look at any of the profiles so for me all the dates are blind dates. I have nothing to lose, only a potential wonderful relationship to gain. Some guys may not be the types I would have chosen for myself, but it could work. I love outsourcing my dating. It’s an adventure and I meet awesome people. But other women may want to be more in control and I completely relinquish control to my remote assistant.”

If you want to go on a date with Espree, you can use the form here. Be sure to include a link to your LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter profile.