Meet the ‘pay pigs’

By Jeremy Wilson

This story contains sexually explicit material that may be NSFW. 

Turn up your speakers. The dulcet tones you are listening to belong to an internet personality who goes by the name of Mistress Bella, and this is the message visitors to her site hear. At first it might seem that Mistress Bella is just another online dominatrix, but her site is set up to attract a particular type of customer – men who call themselves “pay pigs”.

These men are hooked on “paying tribute” – giving gifts and money to women – or rather they’re hooked on being told to give money to women. Welcome to the world of financial domination.

What is it?

Pay pigs, money slaves, human ATMs and cash cows: there’s no shortage of men looking to get “wallet raped” online and no shortage of women happy to do just that. The internet is flooded with adverts by “Fin Dommes” such as “Looking for a piggy to fund my lifestyle”, “Looking for lots of pay pig slaves” and “Bratty Abby Looking for pay piggies”.

The form the “wallet rape” takes varies hugely, from a man paying one-off donations to a Mistress he’s just found online to a hardcore “pay pig” handing over complete control of his finances.

The “domination” part of financial domination also manifests with quite some variation. Some Financial Dominatrixes are little more than regular hawkers of self-produced porn, who spice things up a little by taunting men into paying over the odds to buy from them.

Other dominatrixes fulfil blackmail fantasies, first demanding information from men – perhaps the phone number of their wife – before demanding money to stay quiet. But the hardcore domination is carried out by the the women who take over the financials of men completely and use it as leverage for control.

Why do men do it?

These might sound like abusive relationships, and maybe they are, but they’re relationships men actively seek out. Why on earth would they do such a thing?

Well, according to the women involved, sexually submissive people get off on being submissive (duh) and what could be more subservient than giving control of your finances to someone (except, perhaps getting locked in a cock cage)? Sexual domination is about the exchange of power and for many, financial domination is about making that exchange feel real, creating the ultimate sexual thrill.

Many dominatrixes build on this thrill by linking the act of giving them money with sexual release. For instance they might tease a man, demanding he pays them cash in order to be allowed to orgasm. The next time they might demand more money – creating a craving in their “pay pig” to be rinsed of more and more money so they can feel sexually satisfied.

As the owner of a blog that seeks to help guys overcome their financial domination addiction puts it: “financial domination is brought about by constantly thinking and associating the feeling of orgasm to sending dommes money. The more this association is triggered, the deeper it becomes and the harder it is to break free.”

Spoil the princess

One of the most notorious “Fin Dommes” on the internet goes by the name Princess Sierra, she describes herself as a “Female Supremacist specializing in manipulation, humiliation, life management and financial domination.” Not one to restrict her income opportunities, she offers just about every service a “pay pig” could dream of.

You can become a regular contributor by signing up to pay monthly fee or for those “too poor or too stupid to pay monthly membership fees” you can make a one time “financial homage”. What do you get in exchange for this homage? In Princess Sierra’s words:

you will receive absolutely NOTHING, you are NOT purchasing any service or product. This is your chance to make sure Princess gets what Princess wants, and graciously I have made it easier for you to do so. So now that you have a little stiffy in your pants and you’re just dying to be useful to ME…here’s your opportunity.

It might sound like the creative work of a Nigerian scam artist, but Princess Sierra is real – as are the men who make sure she gets what she wants. In fact she runs a blog that she regularly updates with pictures of gifts given to her and details of her latest tributes. Recent post include:

wankalot’s inheritance has been completely drained. No more to get there. However, all money he spends on Me now is from his normal salary. This morning he sent $300 cash tributes and cleaned out My entire Sundance catalog wishlist for $742.000 worth of shopping


Brand new baby slave sent $180 worth of donations yesterday. he’s only 21 and ready to begin his servitude.

wankalot is one of Princess Sierra’s regular “pay pigs”. He runs a blog describing his acts of devotion to her, including the rationale behind the $50,000 dollars he recently tributed to her over the course of two days.

Suddenly, I was trapped in a spiral… each time I clicked “Submit” the intensity of the high I was feeling would double and my desire to please my Goddess would increase ten fold. After only three or four tributes, I knew I wanted to make this an EPIC binge and told my Goddess as much. Once we’d agreed on that, the rest was history.

How do we know for certain she’s actually receiving this money and it’s not all fantasy? Here’s another payment of $50,000 given to her by another pay pig called deryck. The picture was posted on Sierra’s site next to videos of deryck begging for his life to be ruined and urinating on himself.



Many Fin Dommes run blog similar to Princess Sierra’s to cater to a major part of the fantasy for many “pay pigs” – humiliation. While not an essential part of the financial domination fetish, being publicly humiliated helps reinforce the control their Fin Domme has over them – increasing the buzz of being completely in thrall to someone else.

Mistress Bella, whose voice serenaded you earlier in the piece, even has a “Pay Pig of the Month” section on her website.


The internet fuels it

While sexual fantasies of domination have always existed, the financial domination fantasy is unique in that it isn’t just facilitated by the internet, it was created by it. “Femdom” porn, such as that created by the major BDSM porn studio Kink, blogs and credit cards have combined to create a universe where getting “wallet raped” is a thing that perhaps one should try out. As one “recovering” pay pig described on Reddit:

“When I’m 14, I got into femdom porn. Gradual transitions along the way (stories helped, etc), and I get a huge kick out of it. Skip ahead a year or two more, and I follow this scene by blog (I have a few ones I really liked, where the dommes would do the most brutal things, like demand a sub drain his 401k or something) and get a huge thrill reading it.

Finally, I started messaging them, thinking we’d just shoot the shit. One domme told me to tribute, I gave in and did it, and after that I was hooked.”

For some men, openly flaunting their submission via social media is how they engage with the fetish. There’s whole industry of #findommes on twitter who goad men into paying them, then mock them for doing so.

In many ways financial domination is the defining sexual fetish of our age. Confused men trying to figure out their place in the world, rampant consumerism, niche online communities and a sense of losing control in an overwhelming world of information overload – why wouldn’t you want to put someone else in control?