Meet Bob: the leader of the YouTube comment revolution

By Fruzsina Eordogh

Bob has become the de facto leader of the YouTube comment revolt against Google+ integration. As an ASCII spam creation born sometime around 2009, Bob used to terrorise the YouTube comment section until the Google-owned company implemented a better spam-filtering option.

With Google+ comment integration being as broken as it is, Bob has come out of retirement – and he is pissed.

Bob is so mad that he is building an army with the sole purpose of fixing the YouTube comment section.

In the past 24 hours, Bob has infiltrated practically every popular YouTube video at a comment rate that one redditor describes as “7/10.”

Near the beginning of his campaign, Bob quickly realised that as a simple stick figure, he couldn’t implement real change. So he acquired some AK-47s. And a tank. Many tanks, actually. Sometimes he rides on the tank, waving.

One redditor writes that Bob’s army could take over the planet with how many tanks he has.

Sometimes Bob fights for Mother Russia.

Even Jesus Christ has gotten into the spirit of Bob, ready to build an army against Google+.

Bob also has a nuke, but seems hesitant to use it. Maybe because it is broken.

Bob has helicopters too, always in danger of discombobulation. Or perhaps, a rotary blade has knocked off his head.

Bob even has a less-than-two-minute video manifesto that is currently trending.

His army is quite strong. In fact, Bob’s army is so strong, redditors can’t stop complaining about him. He is the worst, they are convinced. Perhaps worse than Google+ itself.

Bob and his army have invaded other social media (such as Twitter), as well as news articles about his efforts and blog posts about YouTube marketing.

As with most things that grow too powerful too quickly, Bob has attracted many haters who threaten to shoot him. Others claim that Bob is on the verge of suicide, and that his army is so massive that it has gone to his head.

Bob has gone missing a few times this last day or so, and users claim to have killed him by hanging.

Bob going missing has become a theme among anti-Bob-ists, who attribute his disappearance to being kidnapped or being held hostage by Google+, where he is then sexually violated by the hated social network.

(It’s quite rude, and no, I won’t “deal with it”.)

Others suggest Bob was hanged for “defending his basic rights against Google+” – but no matter, the resistance must endure. Justice for Bob!

Justice for the YouTube comment section!

Bob has escaped the noose a few times too, because he is that amazing, that hard to kill. Well, right now anyway.

Will Bob still be alive next week? Probably not.

Google will crush him in good time, as the above video suggests.