What the cool kids on the net are saying

By Nimrod Kamer

NYE’s slag fest is just around the corner, as well as the holiday season and Kwanzaa 2013 (begins on Thursday, December 26). Perfect time to refresh your casual verbiage with new idiosyncratic-idioms and dictions, that will impress your family and sub m8s. One can resist anything except temptation.

YOLO fever

Disease. Worse than yellow fever, harder to cure.


Tinder concept. You Only Swipe Once. Swiping left may lose you a certain ugly male-bitch forever. So just swipe right all the time. Tinder safety.


Online Content. Tip sent by vocalist @fredmacpherson (17,439 followers, unverified).


What’ve u been up 2? (question). Spoken language; Woobootoo. Then WUBU4 stands for What’ve u been up 4? (question) = What’s the reason you stayed up so long?.


British version of @slutever, the US Vogue columnist. (@)slagever the person doesn’t yet exist, but since Guardian and @Vice_Is_Hip contributor Sophie Heawood suggested, everyone in the UK should say slag instead of slut, so there’s a slot open.



Having your foreskin out in the open. Al fresco.


Coloring your eye, dyeing your browse. Dyebrowser; for browser cache.


A débutaunt who’s also a hoe.



If someone mentions your name without mentioning it properly with an @, its a subtweet. So to retaliate you should manually RT them without mentioning their @. £ pro quo.


Undo a revine (revine is Vine’s version of a retweet). So sometime one is in need to undo it, hence unrevine. More on unrevining.


Persiflage is ‘a frivolous manner of discussing a subject’. Selfieflage is a frivolous manner of taking a selfie.


Suppose you’re gorgeous but also bourgeois. Tip sent by R&B recording artist @Joe_Stone_.


Where’re u at babz?


Pizza selfies. Huge on sunday nights.



Using one’s imagination whilst dealing with emojis.


A person that one cannot eff, full stop. In the past ineffable meant stuff that aren’t expressible in words, but that’s just boring. Now ineffability is just major impotency.


Sarah Palin stopped making new wordings since refudiate (refuse + repudiate). I refuse to be pudiated. Defudiate is to refudiate hat defollow is to unfollow. Ipso effto.


I don’t want to brag but most of my friends are quiche. This is just the opposite of ineffable, practically.

Ja’mie’s explanation –