The Kernel Guide to Butt Selfies

By Jeremy Wilson

It started, as so many cultural movements nowadays do, with a bit of public foreplay between rapper Kanye West and celebrated reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

In an act of gluteal defiance to those criticising her post-baby weight gain, Ms Kardashian posted a sizzling selfie of her derrière, complete with a cheeky hint of under-boob to her legions of social media followers.

West responded to the photo with “HEADING HOME NOW”, completing an interaction that cemented the butt selfie in the public conscious.

Following the Kardashians’ online exchange, the butt selfie has taken on a life of its own as a generation of camera phones wielder try to capture some of the original magic. We scoured high and low to find the finest examples of this new art form.

Many have tried to emulate Kim’s arched calf pose. Few have succeeded.

The holy trinity of camera, mirror and butt is difficult to master.

Sometimes it’s best simply to dispense with the mirror.

But it’s important not to use the mirror as a crutch.

Gym butt selfies are basically a category in their own right.

It really is harder than it looks.

Using props as a distraction technique is generally frowned upon.

When in doubt, try for the three-quarter turn.

Some people are already trying to dilute the art form. Is that even a butt selfie?

Fortunately there are still plenty of butt selfie purists.

The trick is to make it look effortless.

You’ve got to own it.

There really is no better way to say “fuck you” to the haters.