We ‘TaskRabbited’ an ex-BBC analyst to clean our office

By James Cook

The idea behind TaskRabbit is simple: pay a nice, real person on the internet money to do something for you. Cleaning, assembling furniture, waiting in queues etc. The company meets with everyone who applies to be a “Tasker”, meaning that they’re probably not a weirdo.

Now that TaskRabbit has launched in the UK, we decided to try it out ourselves. Currently there are only three categories of task available: House Cleaner, Handyman and Christmas Helper. We went for “House Cleaner”.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 16.24.11

Luckily, TaskRabbit also offers an office tidying service. We stuck in our address and got to the fun part: selecting which Tasker we wanted. Their smiling photos are lined up, each of them dressed in the required TaskRabbit shirt.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 16.31.48

Eventually, we selected Bonnie C. She looked friendly and she was very reasonably priced, at £15 per hour. Her profile mentions that she has worked at the BBC for four years, so we clicked “Hire”.

Bonnie C.'s TaskRabbit profile.

Bonnie C.’s TaskRabbit profile.

After we hired Bonnie, we realised that our office was actually fairly tidy. Having just spent £15 on an hour’s tidying work, we would have to make some mess.

After throwing rubbish around the office for twenty minutes, it really looked like it needed tidying.

2013-11-26 11.28.14

Bonnie arrived on time, dressed in her TaskRabbit t-shirt. Her outfit was completed by sparkling green nail polish. She quickly set to work cleaning up all the mess that we had made.

Bonnie takes a break from tidying up tabloid newspapers to smile for a photo.

Bonnie takes a break from tidying up tabloid newspapers to smile for a photo.

While she was tidying, we asked Bonnie what being a Tasker is like. She explained that it’s a job she uses to fit around her music career. She particularly enjoys traveling around London doing odd jobs for people.

According to Bonnie, hundreds of people applied to be a Tasker when the company announced that it was launching, but only a handful were approved and made it onto the site. Bonnie also called our Editor In Chief “the most ridiculous man I’ve ever met”.

After an hour, our office was back to normal, devoid of clutter. Bonnie even tidied up the bin bags before she said her goodbyes.

2013-11-26 15.40.21

As spoilt, middle-class brats, we’re hooked on TaskRabbit already. Use it. Oh, and if you’re in London and you see Bonnie pop up, pick her. She’s a bloody delight.