Grand Theft Auto’s ‘Breaking Bad’ reference that never was

By James Cook

Since the blockbuster video game Grand Theft Auto V was released in September, gamers have been quick to find and decipher the various mysteries. The secret UFOs have seemingly all been found, and players have discovered how to manipulate the game’s stock market.

But there has been one part of the game that has proved a mystery, until now. The game’s highest point, Mount Chiliad, is a focal point for mystery hunters thanks to the mysterious UFO that hovers at the peak. But further down the mountain is something even stranger, a face seemingly painted onto the rocks.


It has been widely suggested that the image is of Jesse Pinkman, the Breaking Bad character. Rockstar Games make no secret of their love of popular culture. The in-game televisions feature parodies of real-world television programmes. Lindsay Lohan is rumoured to be preparing a lawsuit against Rockstar Games for a character her lawyers claims uses her likeness.

But it now seems that the mountain face isn’t a nod to Breaking Bad, but instead the signature of a mischievous Rockstar Games employee.

As part of the investigation into the game’s secrets, players have been poring through the raw files of the Xbox version. Reddit user GTA_BUMHOFFER managed to find the image file for the mountain face:


Seeing this new information, Reddit user TheKert did some investigating of his own. The filename reveals that the image is the signature of “DD.” After looking through the game’s credits, he found that one Rockstar employee has the initial “DD”: Dave Dixon.

The Kernel found Dave’s LinkedIn and Facebook profile which reveal him to be the same man who stares out from Grand Theft Auto Vs mystery mountain.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 13.22.02

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 14.03.32

So there you go: The mountain face was never a cheeky Breaking Bad reference. Instead, it’s a very visible maker’s stamp on a game enjoyed the world over.

Dave Davis did not return a request for comment.