The Hollywood guru possessed by aliens

By James Cook

Darryl Anka is a legendary special effects designer, having worked on some of Hollywood’s biggest films. His CV includes work on I, Robot; Pirates of the Caribbean; and Iron Man. He also happens to be the cousin of legendary Canadian singer Paul Anka.

But when he’s not working on major science-fiction films, Anka has a bizarre second life: He claims to communicate with an alien from the future through “trance-channelling”. Since the early 1980s, Anka has believed that he is able to channel a space alien from the future named Bashar.

One of Anka and Bashar’s first media appearances was in 1987 on a local television show in San Diego. What would become the hallmarks of Bashar’s modern appearances were already present: Anka sits hunched forward in a chair, begins to spasm, then suddenly his hands clasp together and he adopts a bizarre accent and begins to talk at rapid-fire pace.

In this 1987 media appearance, television executives were at a loss for how to describe Bashar, so simply refer to him as an 'entity'.

In this 1987 media appearance, television executives were at a loss for how to describe Bashar, so simply refer to him as an ‘entity’

It’s Bashar’s rapid speech pattern that has convinced many of his followers that he really is a space alien from the future speaking through a science-fiction special effects guru. Bashar devotees claim that this alien can immediately answer tricky questions about science and the future of humanity.

As can be seen in the video embedded above, Bashar dishes out life advice to American housewives in his strange C3PO voice. But that’s not all that Bashar can do. You see, Bashar exists in a parallel reality to our own world.

When Anka channels him on stage or in a private session, Bashar speaks from what we perceive to be the future. This means that the alien possesses knowledge of our world and what the immediate future will be.

Here’s a brief timeline of what humanity has to look forward to, courtesy of Bashar.

2015 – 2017

Humanity will by this time “know for a fact” that other civilisations exist.

2017 – 2025

There will be an increase in alien contact.

2025 – 2033

We will receive our first “official contact” from an alien race.


Aliens will start “helping us out” here on planet Earth.


Earth becomes an official member of some sort of “interstellar alliance”.

Bashar has prepared us for the coming human/alien convergence by detailing the lives of a group of human/alien hybrids named the “Yahyel”.

Thanks to Bashar’s descriptions, which surfaced during trance-channeling sessions, it has been possible for devotees to create stunningly realistic images of what the Yahyel look like.

An artist's impression of what a human/alien "Yahyel" hybrid looks like.

An artist’s impression of what a human/alien “Yahyel” hybrid looks like

‘Cetacean transformation workshops’

Another fascinating piece of information from Bashar is that all dolphins are vibrating space aliens in contact with other dimensions. Apparently we can learn much from dolphins by swimming with them.

Regrettably, the “Dolphin Videos” section of the official Bashar web store has been “temporarily unavailable” for several months.

But fear not. Bashar will be holding special “dolphin dream” sessions in Hawaii throughout 2014. For just $1,995 you and a friend can join Bashar as he swims with dolphins.


Breakdancing aliens

When he’s touring California, Bashar often receives unusual questions from the audience. One attendee paid to ask Bashar whether space aliens have dance forms similar to break-dancing.

The answer was revealing. After pausing for a moment, Bashar revealed that there is, apparently, a group of aliens who enjoy a dance called “alternate limb rotational style”. Because this race has many limbs, they appear similar to what an octopus or spider would look like if it was breakdancing.

There’s a lot of crazy in Hollywood, but this has got to be up there with Madonna’s Kabbalah obsession and Scientology.