This man draws 3-D ‘human cows’ for fetishists on the Web

By Jeremy Wilson

The online world is strewn with pockets of dedication to the most unexpected of predilections. From the role of the toilet throughout human history to foreskin restoration, there’s something online for everyone—even if you’re into highly detailed computer realizations of sexualized human-cow hybrids. is a site dedicated to the work of a man who has spent the past seven years honing his unique skill turning his predilections into 3-D-rendered reality. From hu-cows to hu-pigs, there really is no better place for those with a penchant for human-animal compounds. We met up with site owner Peter to find out more about his unusual illustrations.

What inspired you to start creating your illustrations?
I started manipulating images over 30 years ago using software similar to Photoshop. I now use a 3-D computer graphics program called Poser with which I am able to translate my fantasies into into concrete pictures.


When did you first know that you were interested in the various fetishes that you draw?
I don’t really remember when that was. I always had an affinity for snug clothes—though obviously, only when worn by women. I love latex, PVC and leather which all feature in my illustrations along with elements of bondage and SM.





How do people respond to your website?
That is very diverse. Many people appreciate the work, particularly the quality of the lighting. I like to emphasize details and try to create an atmosphere without showing violence. However I allow the viewer the possibility to play with her or his imagination to assume what might happen next in the portrayed situation.

Although I sometimes show rare fetishes, I’ve never heard my pictures being described as perverted.





How do you come up with new ideas for images?
There are different ways. I have an active imagination and am technically talented as well, so I know what it possible and what is not. Also I know what a human body is capable of doing.

It’s different in the case of Baldies [a series of images], which is based on a real set of twins. Other images based on real life people include Tina (an extreme slave), Petra (the pony) and Petra (the HuCow).


Are the pictures based on real life encounters or are they all fantasy?
Until a couple of years ago I was active in the BDSM scene and had a couple of female slaves myself who were able to live their fantasies with me. I was directly able to apply my fantasies and ideas in these sessions. Thus not everything is fantasy.



You have created a whole series of HuCow illustrations. Can you explain what interests you in human cows?
I was one of the first people to translate the human pony into 3-D illustration. Creating Petra the human cow was the logical next step. This is how the HuCow series was born. I find milking erotic and wanted to visually create the function of milking a cow on a human. The challenge for me as an artist was to portray extremely large breasts and the influence of gravity on them.



You’ve also created an illustrated story called “Baldies”. What was the inspiration behind that?
As I mentioned before, the Baldies exist in real [life]. They contacted me in 2008 after they saw a picture of mine that showed a female slave without hair and asked me to create 3D pictures of themselves based on the slave image

The ongoing series now contains more than 600 pictures, with the Baldies undergoing many different transformations—currently both are painted in gold and silver. I create the images and the Baldies write the text.




There’s a part in the Baldies story where the slaves are turned into HuPigs. Are there other human to animal concepts you would like to explore?
Absolutely, as long as I can technically create the desired animal, it’s going to appear in a 3-D picture.



What do you enjoy most about your drawings?
I enjoy making my images as photo-realistic as possible and like to include details that viewers only witness at second or third sight. I also enjoy installing lightning so that, depending on the topic, the mood of the picture is apparent at first sight.


Do you have any plans for a new series of images?
Always! Right now I’m working on “Stephanie,” a housewife that turns into a slave.

Thanks, Peter.