The top 10 zit-popping videos

By Jeremy Wilson

For millennia, people have enjoyed personal moments of ecstasy in private. But the arrival of the internet – and, more specifically, YouTube – has allowed us to share our intimate moments of joy with the world. And what could be more wonderful to share than the glorious feeling of popping a stubborn zit?

We hunted down the best YouTube video of people popping zits and cysts for your viewing pleasure.

But before you embark on a pimple-popping binge, it’s worth taking a few precautions. If you’re eating, stop. And if your stomach is of a delicate constitution, it’s best not to wolf down that cream-filled eclair you’re currently eating before you start.

To start off with, a classic video from popping superstar Dr Vikram Yadav. In the words of the great doctor himself: “For better enjoyment, watch video under full HD.”

When the black latex gloves come out, you know things are about to get real.

Kitchen table popping is the best sort of popping. Home surgery at its very best.

More of the same from Dr Yadav. The way the great man wields his “comedone extractor” is truly mesmerising.

Not all popping videos are of orgasmic explosions.

Ever wonder what happens when you burn a zit? Once again, Dr Yadav is your man.

This man named the cyst on his back George. You can watch George die.

Sometimes it’s the sound that makes it.

Popping can be an emotional journey. Join this YouTuber on his two minute and 40 second odyssey.

Popping is all about the relief – an emtion that is palpable is this short but touching home movie.