OMG you guys, this homeless shelter only takes Bitcoin

By Jack Flanagan

With a quadruple-jump in dollar value and an equally stratospheric increase in the number of transactions, even homeless people look set to benefit from Bitcoin.

On the coast of Florida there is a 9-acre stretch of forested land which provides a legal sanctuary for the homeless, where homelessness is otherwise effectively a crime. It’s called Satoshi Forest, presumably after the pseudonym adopted by the guy who started the currency. It’s called Sean’s Outpost, and it’s perhaps the world’s only Bitcoin-funded homeless shelter.

Apparently the area has about 100 homeless people living there, all of whom arrived after the devastating Hurricane Ivan devastated the coastal city. Some come directly from that wreck of the hurricane, others because the devastation attracted carpenters and builders to the area who, after the work dried up, had nowhere to go.

Jason King, founder of Sean’s Outpost, has always been a big fan of new technologies (he wants to bring aquaphonics into the shelter as well). Leveraging his presence in the Bitcoin forums he started a trend with the pitch: “Feed 40 people for 1 BTC”. The pitch was successful in securing meals for 80 people. The whole “Will work for BTC” thing has since taken off.

So anyway, there you go. There’s a Bitcoin homeless shelter. You can see how many meals a Bitcoin buys you here.