Revealed: the secret symbols used by child sex offenders

By Chris Tilbury
  • Paedophiles use secret symbols to identify one another
  • The logos are used on clothing, jewellery and online
  • Specific ‘predilections’ catered for with complex code 

According to the police and a number of child protection blogs, paedophiles use a set of arcane symbols to communicate with each other, in both the virtual and real worlds, similar to a secret society or a cult.

It’s speculated that the ease with which plain text can be indexed and analysed by law enforcement agencies is prompting sex offenders to communicate via images instead.

The symbols, often as easily recognisable as the Roxy Surfer girl heart logo, are used by perverts to indicate which gender of child they are “interested in”. With the spread of the internet these images are becoming ever more prevalent online.

Some of the symbols regularly used by child sex offenders online

Some of the symbols regularly used by child sex offenders online

The logos, worn by paedophiles on items of clothing including t-shirts, rings and pendants, allow them to identify each other in social situations including the workplace, effectively using them to identify like-minded individuals and covertly build a network of fellow sexual predators.

These are the images that are known to police. Undoubtedly more logos are being used by sexual predators that we don’t know about.

Paedo bling

The innocuous appearance of the logos mean their double meanings often go unnoticed by members of the public, or can be easily explained by the paedophiles when challenged.

So called 'paedo-bling' is openly for sale on the internet

So called ‘paedo-bling’ is openly for sale on the internet

One child abuse awareness blog quotes an anonymous sex offender as claiming: “When asked about mine and why I wear a piece of women’s jewellery, I say it is a reminder of my dead wife and child.”

The offender goes on to say that they choose to provide that context for explaining the jewellery because “people don’t like talking to widowers because it is a sore subject”.

Letter codes

As well as being able to communicate with each other non-verbally through symbols presented on jewellery and clothing, sexual predators also use acronyms on social networks and forums to communicate.


Typical acronyms used on the site include “GL”, or girl lover, used by those attracted to young girls; “BL”, or boy lover, used by those attracted to boys. They also use “GM” and “BM”, meaning girl moment and boy moment, to talk about any time that they spend with young boys and girls.

The clothing and jewellery are worn much more prevalently on and around 25 April. The day is known amongst paedophiles and sexual predators as “Alice Day”, an apparent nod to Alice in Wonderland and its author, Lewis Carroll.

“Alice Day” was coined in the 1990s as an underground celebration of the desire of paedophiles to molest children.


Sexual predators talk openly on website Girlchat about what they will be doing on Alice Day using the acronyms pictured above. One contributor using the username FreeThinkerGL talks about how he will wear his “GLogo t-shirt” and “GLogo pendant for all to see”.

Worse than that, one user, using the name ‘lall’, commented: “I think the t-shirt thing is just to wear any kind of a pink shirt on Alice Day. That way if any asks if you’re a paedo, you can claim you have no idea what they’re talking about…and how dare they insinuate such a thing! lol.”

They suggest that simply by wearing the colour pink, rather than a t-shirt with one of the logos on it, it will be easier to justify their actions and suggest that members of the public are in the wrong.