The Kernel guide to Christmas selfies

By Jeremy Wilson

From Obama selfies to butt selfies, when the history books are written, 2013 will go down as the year of the selfie. What better way to honour this golden era of front-facing cameras than getting festive and celebrating Christmas with this new art-form.

Christmas tree selfie


It’s only worth taking a Christmas tree selfie if the tree in question is of sizeable proportions – nobody’s going to be impressed by the four-foot plastic monstrosity you bought from Argos. With great height come increasingly tight angles, so don’t be afraid to shoot from down low. A cup of steaming Glühwein completes the look.

Snowman selfie


There’s a common misconception that snowmen are loveable anthropomorphic beings. We should stop letting children believe this nonsense – snowmen are terrifying. To convey the true abject horror of these snow creatures, frame the selfie with one of them towering menacingly over your shoulder. The more it looks like it’s about to stick an icicle in your back, the better.

Polar bear selfie


The rapid eradication of the ice caps means polar bears are about to go extinct, so nab a selfie with one while you still can. These noble beasts love to strike a pose, but don’t be tempted to try and outdo them – there’s simply no way to compete with that majestic jawline. Play it cool and let the bear work its magic.

Santa sled seflie


This is a tricky one. It took three revolutions of a ferris wheel before I finally captured the moment when my cabin lined up with Santa – and still I didn’t manage to angle my jawline correctly. The window of opportunity was very short. These sorts of selfies are very complex and best left to the pros.

Ice skating selfie


If you want to take Christmas selfies to the next level, hop on the ice and show your social media followers what you’re made of. Of course, a certain level of skill is essential for this sort of shot, but don’t even attempt to whip out your digital pride and joy unless you already posses some skating finesse.

Our selfie correspondent in action

Christmas lights selfie


Posing with festive street lighting can be a bit gauche so a bit of creative thinking is needed to make this instalment in the series sparkle. Personally, I recommend a flirting with danger to give your picture that extra edge.

Standing in the middle of the road achieves this and allows for a pleasant perspective.

Mince pie selfie


Incorporating festive food into a selfie is a must at this time of year. While most people are tempted to pose blandly with their Christmas treat, I feel it’s important to try and convey an emotional connection to the food. Don’t be shy: let the world know how you really feel about that mince pie.

Ultimate festive selfie

Some people think that adults shouldn’t fully embrace the sparkly joy of Christmas. I am not of those people. Grab some fairy lights, don a Santa hat and roll around in tinsel. Capture your moment of joy in a selfie and share the festive moment with your friends.