Our most popular posts of 2013

By James Cook

The vilest sites on the internet

There’s a dark underbelly to the internet. Jeremy Wilson has compiled a list of the top ten websites you should never, ever visit.

The rush to solve Grand Theft Auto V’s biggest mystery

James Cook meets the people searching for a secret hidden inside Grand Theft Auto V’s largest mountain.

Why Justin Bieber has no choice but to bang hookers

Justin Bieber’s recent antics in South American brothels aren’t surprising at all. Prostitutes are a far safer bet for the young singer than bedding one of his fans.

I have the only disease smoking can prevent

Doctor in lab coat smoking a cigarette   Original Filename: 88300580.jpg
Jeremy Wilson is astonished to discover that the nicotine in cigarettes can treat – and even prevent – the colon disease he has struggled with for years. Why is no one telling the public, he asks.

Switzerland’s most mysterious man

We finally have a photograph of the mysterious man in a gas mask who has been spotted roaming the forests of Switzerland for over ten years, writes James Cook.

Porn is broken; the internet is fixing it

While the porn industry seeks to create more and more extreme videos, a new type of pornography is bringing online titillation back to its roots. James Cook reports.

In search of perfect porn

Tumblr, long the king of porn, has been overthrown. A new generation of porn sites has arrived, including Pinsex – the ‘Pinterest for porn’.

A Russian enigma

James Cook on the most mysterious radio transmission in the world.

We called a secret MI6 phone number

An anonymous tipster told us one of MI6’s secret phone numbers. So we called it.

My week on ‘smart drug’ Modafinil

Well, it does what it says on the blister pack, writes Milo Yiannopoulos, who has finally given in to curiosity and tried the performance-enhancing drug.