UKIP councillor in anti-gay meltdown

By Ned Donovan

Samuel Fletcher, a 22-year-old newly-elected UKIP Councillor from Yorkshire, reminded the country why you need to be careful what you post on Facebook.

Yesterday Councillor Fletcher posted numerous comments in a public Facebook thread spanning more than 1,000 posts, mostly due to a growing backlash over his offensive comments:


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The UKIP Councillor later went on to admit to committing adultery to a married woman with two children, and boasted about it in the thread. Later, when people began to question Fletcher, he retracted the story as a fantasy rather than the truth.

The thread began to wind down until Councillor Fletcher made crude jokes, including one about homosexuals and the Aids virus. One of the final comments The Kernel observed involved Mr Fletcher asking a lady how she would react if backbench Tory MP Priti Patel’s head was between his legs.


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