Porn star gets 4chan to track down her PA

By James Cook

Jenna Jameson, the legendary porn star who has been called “the world’s most famous adult performer” took to 4chan last night in an attempt to investigate her personal assistant. Jameson, 39, the star of such x-rated classics as Up and Cummers 11 and Philmore Butts Taking Care of Business posted on notorious internet message board /b/.

In a thread posted on 4chan, Jameson claimed that her personal assistant was, allegedly, a “con artist”. After having her Twitter account “reset” and all photos of the pair deleted from her Instagram profile, Jameson turned to 4chan for help.

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 17.05.03

/b/, the most notorious board on 4chan, quickly responded in its own unique way. Photos of penises were posted by users asking the distressed porn star to rate them, while others posted images of Hitler, gore porn and cartoon ponies.

Some /b/ users were suspicious of Jameson, requesting proof that it was really her.
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The star eventually delivered, posting multiple images of her posing with a shoe near her head, a slight twist on the classic shoe-on-head verification tactic.



As 4chan users reacted with shock at the arrival of a porn star they had likely spent hours admiring, other users offered to help the performer track down her personal assistant.

A /b/ user claiming to be the founder of a Y Combinator-backed startup offered this image as proof

A /b/ user claiming to be the founder of a Y Combinator-backed startup offered this image as proof

Eventually 4chan managed to track down Jameson’s former assistant, finding his social security number, driver’s license, last known address and FICO score.


The porn star, grateful for 4chan’s help, posted another photograph to thank the internet before proceeding to continue reclaiming her Twitter and Instagram accounts.