Paedophilia: a modern miscellany

By Rob Price

In November 2013, Professor John Ashton, President of the Faculty of Health, called for a debate around the age of consent in the UK, following evidence that a third of children were having sex at 14 or 15 anyway – only to be summarily shot down by just about every politician and newspaper in the country.

This has been interpreted by some as failure to engage with an important issue – veteran campaigner Peter Tatchell has described it as a “depressing reaction”.

But, reviewing 2013, we’ve discovered there is, in fact, a vibrant national debate ongoing around the issues of paedophilia and the age of consent. Some of it is pretty disturbing.

1. Eating meat = paedophilia

Ever the master of nuance, everyone’s favourite vegetarian and classicist Morrisey has recently chimed in on the hot topic, proclaiming that meat-eaters are no better than child rapists and murderers.

Moving swiftly on.

2. All men are paedophiles anyway

The backlash to Jan-Willem Breure’s 2012 film Are All Men Paedophiles? is still being felt. His premise was that paedophilia is a fundamentally misleading term, and is used to  wrongly group together serial rapists like Jimmy Saville and and those who are attracted to and have ostensibly “consensual” relationships with teenagers.

Breure advocates a different, less emotionally-charged term for those sexually attracted to children who are undergoing puberty, one that supposedly almost all men can be described as: “hebephiles”.

But even if we accepted Breure’s claims at face value, physical attraction does not equal moral acceptability, and, as Jezebel notes, he doesn’t even attempt to make an argument for reassessing the age of consent. Breure “just thinks that teenage girls are hot, and he doesn’t want you to think that’s gross, okay?”.

In a final twist in the tale, Breure has now come under fire from the “lolita” fashion and lifestyle community, over 10,000 of whom have signed a petition claiming he has caused “a massive harm to the Lolita community, leading people who does not know the movement to think that it’s about sex and ruining the hard work that thousands of girls have done during years”.

Their demands for a formal apology have, as yet, gone unanswered.

3. Paedophilia is no different to homosexuality

Homosexuals are now regarded as ordinary, healthy people… there is no reason paedophilia should not win similar acceptance.

This quote comes from a pamphlet distributed by paedophile apologist group PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange), and okay, yes, it was written back in the ’70’s.

But it shot back into the news this year after it emerged that Harriet Harman, her shadow cabinet husband and former health secretary Patricia Hewett all had ties to the radical group in their political youths.

4. Operation Yewtree is ‘out of control’

One of the most high-profile police investigations in recent years, Operation Yewtree has revealed an epidemic of historic child abuse, shining a light on a fetid and shameful period in our history… right? Not according to barrister Barbara Hewson.

While others might praise the police for their work in bringing the rich and famous to justice, and the courage of the victims in coming forward, Hewson has declared Yewtree a “juggernaut” and “out of control”. As for the victims, she went on the record saying that they “may be morally responsible for their ordeal”.

She’s even found time to call for the age of consent to be lowered to just 13, citing Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet in her defence.

Because that ended so well.

5. Child abuse victims are ‘predatory’

Neil Wilson, convicted child rapist, was given a suspended sentence after admitting engaging in sexual activity with a child, along with both producing and possessing child pornography, after the prosecution described the 13-year old victim as “predatory”. That she was “sexually experienced” was also, somehow, considered to be a mitigating factor.

Wilson has since been jailed for two years, following a ruling on appeal that the original sentence was “plainly and without doubt unduly lenient”, proving that there is at least some justice in the world.

Notorious paedophiles Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter share a stage

Notorious paedophiles Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter share a stage

6. Paedophilia a ‘spiritual matter’

Embattled Coronation Street actor Bill Roach, attempting to clarify his previous statements appearing to attack paedophile victims, seemed to describe child abuse as a “spiritual matter”:

The trouble is in spiritual matters they are quite complex, if someone understands what you’re saying and puts it in their words, that’s fine

Roach had previously said sex attack victims “bring it on themselves” due to their actions in past lives,  famous people can get “caught in the trap” of sleeping with underage children, and we shouldn’t be judgemental “about anyone, ever”. His last piece of advice, which is sure to be of real comfort to sex attack victims everywhere:

if you know that you are pure love and therefore live that pure love, these things won’t happen to you.

Uh, OK.

P.S. — In a twist that surely no one saw coming, he’s since been charged with rape of a 15-year in 1967 and five counts of indecent assault on girls aged between 12 and 16.

7. Child rape = MEGA LOLZ

Oh, Ian Watkins, what are you like? Just when everyone’s estimation of the shamed rocker couldn’t get any lower, after attempting to rape a baby, after being found guilty of possessing (and making) child porn and bestiality, after “plunging into new depths of depravity”, his thoughts on the entire situation were finally revealed. “Mega lolz”.