Men’s Fashion LCM

By Nimrod Kamer

Men’s Fashion Week is a thing, happening on a nice, casual level, every few months. In London they call it (hashtag)LCM, meaning London Collection: (Men). It features people like Samuel L. Jackson in the front row of a Burberry runway, or Emma Watson’s ex, the 46K followed musician @Georgecraigono. There’s also a lineup of men within their underwear, fashion ambassadors such as Tinie Tempah and legends Jack Guinness and Alex James, who model for their epic designer mates Oliver Spencer or Paul Smith.

The first LCM show I visited was BEAU Homme, alongside @BillieJDPorter, where a male model was singing in the foyer:

The following day I went to the Café Royal Hotel’s Grilling Room, for some men-standing-on-a-platform-in-tuxedos extravagance:

I carried on to Superdry’s aftershow, to squeeze a Vine out of an already down-lifting night.

British GQ appeared to have a highly middle-rated instagram account, featuring the Gandhi of peaceful fashion protest, David Gandy:

The week’s highlight was without a doubt @katieeary’s head fill-ins:

Then came the Newsnight report. Before it aired I asked for Mr. Paxman to wear one of those mickey masks, or at least a pair of @HappySofficial socks. He wasn’t into it.

It was a natural followup to the Chinese vs Japanese ambassador Senkaku Islands duel that preceded my segment. In an additional Youtube video, the Newsnight Online Division shared a bonus video of Tinie T discussing anti-ageing issues:

Later I Instagrammed a @Wretch32 photo. He’s an ex of an ex of mine, and was cut out of the final film due to lack of air time. Soz.

YoloFahad (29K instagram followers) was kind enough to create this insta collage: