The tragic tale of Kim Dotcom’s “party party”

By Jeremy Wilson

Larger than life entrepreneur Kim Dotcom was planning on holding a giant birthday party next Monday. But in a tale of woe, things haven’t turned out quite as the founder of Megaupload intended. Over 20,000 people might have RSVPed to his “Party Party”, but New Zealand electoral law has put a dampener on his celebrations

It all began last week when Kim got on the internet and invited everyone to a party.


Excitingly, Kim announced that details of his political party would be unveiled at the birthday bash.


Check out the bold graphic design.


In a reminder that Kim is a real person and not actually a cartoon villain, the press are predicting that Dotcom’s party will have a real influence on New Zealand politics.


True to his word, Kim started to dole out free tickets.


As if a “Party Party” wasn’t going to be good enough already, Kim announced that he’d be dropping his new album there as well. And a new industry changing business.


Kim then feigned surprise when 10,000 people registered for free tickets.


There was no way Kim was going to let something as trivial as venue size get in the way.


So he hired out a stadium:



In a few days things had gone from no party to a party party. Just as swiftly, it was back to no party.


It turns out that offering free tickets to an event that includes the launch of a political party might be misconstrued and could risk breaking electoral laws. As Kim told the media the “future of New Zealand is more important to me than one night of fun.” But what a night of fun it would have been.