Celeb Twitter quitters

By Ned Donovan

With social media, and Twitter in particular, being so key to modern celebrity, there’s a large chance that things will go horribly wrong. Luckily for us, the internet never forgets. Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has seen its fare share of VIP meltdowns and celeb ragequits. Here are some of the greatest examples of what happens when celebrity meets Twitter.

Miley Cyrus


For a woman who is so keen to come in like a wrecking ball in the nude, her reason to quit Twitter back in 2009 to “Keep her private life private” sounds bizarre. At the time, Miley was still a Disney princess. A Disney princess who liked salvia, that is. However, the resignation from Twitter only lasted until she began to focus on acting in 2011, since her return we have been blessed with such illuminating thoughts as reminding Sinead O’Connor of her mental breakdown, and hearing about her love of Googling Elvis.

Screen shot 2014-01-30 at 11.38.57

Alec Baldwin


Mr Baldwin is a man who doesn’t really learn from the perils of social media. His Twitter feed made the headlines for the first time in 2011 when he launched a Twitter tirade at American Airlines after a stewardess asked him to stop playing Words With Friends before takeoff. This caused the American Airlines union to try and ban Baldwin’s show 30 Rock from their airplane TV screens, and led to Alec leaving Twitter.

Much like most users who quit, the actor had to come back for more. In 2013, after James Gandolfini’s funeral, the American comedian launched a foul-mouthed tirade against a Daily Mail journalist over reports that Baldwin’s wife was tweeting on her phone during the funeral. After he threatened to kill the journalist and tweet at his funeral, he quit Twitter once again.

twitter rant 2


Kanye West


It’s rare when the self-proclaimed Messiah of American music, Kanye West, does something without an ulterior motive. The perfect example was in 2012, when Yeezus deleted all of his tweets, including such priceless anecdotes as “ASS ON THE FLOOR” and “Man… ninjas are kind of cool… I just don’t know any personally”.



Left in the place of all these was the simple tweet, “BE BACK SOON”, and Mr West clearly did mean soon, as only two days later the rapper returned to the site. Since then he hasn’t really improved, as highlighted by his abuse of Jimmy Kimmel in 2013.


Mark Zuckerberg


Away from the bizarre rants and fake retirements, some famous users of Twitter simply don’t like it. One of whom is Mark Zuckerberg, who has barely tweeted since joining in 2009. It’s surprising for such a social media whizz, but it likely boils down to the rivalry between the two sites. Zuck seemed to think his Twitter was private, however, and was surprised when he found out other users could find him. We have, at least, gotten some pretty good tweets out of him.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda-Bynes-normal Unlike many of the other Tweeters who quit of their own volition, Miss Bynes likely quit in July 2013 from the pressure of her psychiatric care.

The tweets preceding the disappearance of the former Nickelodeon star are truly amazing, but also incredibly tragic at the same time. In one of her final tweets she decided to call out the President and First Lady of the United States as simply “ugly”.


She is not missed.



Well-known terrorist group Hamas recently quit Twitter, not through their own choice, but after being suspended by the social network. Hamas issued a statement that remarked Twitter was “falling under Israel’s agenda and the takedown is a form of censorship”.

Screen shot 2014-01-30 at 11.29.40
However it would appear the company has only banned the English language version, as the Arabic and Hebrew versions of the accounts are still around. It is currently unclear whether the terrorist organisation has Vine.

Honorable mention to the Pope

Pope Francis Holds His Weekly General Audience

A recent story revealed that the Vatican had considered deactivating the Pope’s Twitter account due to the amount of hostility directed towards @Pontifex. Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, Prefect of the Pontifical Council on Social Communications (the Pope’s Social Media Intern), said they considered it “because of a barrage of vulgarity”.

Screen shot 2014-01-30 at 11.32.15

Eventually the Holy See decided against such a move, and now the internet’s favourite Bishop of Rome can be found tweeting in nine different languages.